Nintendo Classic Mini Edition Jail Hacked Via Softmod Like Wii? Apparently Twice As Many NES Console Games Can Be Played

Quite possibly the Nintendo Classic Edition mini console is hack-able because YouTuber “Arcaderu” gave a demonstration showing that access is available on his tiny NES console, according to Nintendo Everything. The beauty is that this was due on the part of a softmodding technique, which means that he didn’t even have to crack open the unit to get it to work.

This is something that was popular for the Nintendo Wii, so it wouldn’t be surprising that the NES Classic Edition would also have a hack to alter the system. “Arcaderu” intends on showing a more in-depth videos with a detailed process by which he was able to accomplish the soft mod.

The method by which the Nintendo Wii had to be soft modded required an SD card, a computer with an internet connection, an SD Card reader, a Wii console itself, and Wii firmware. There was also a recommended 32 gigabyte USB drive, according to Groovy Post.

That said, could the same process be utilized for the NES Classic Edition mini? There’s already Rasberry Pi technology that can create such a console straight from scratch with an encasement that is 3D printed. There does seem to be a focus on bringing back retro-gaming these days. SEGA granted TecToy a licence to put together a new Sega Genesis that’s like the old one, according to WCVB 5. It’ll also come pre-loaded with 22 games and will be released in June, 2017.

Reddit Users Are Skeptical

He also took to the MiniNes Reddit page to advertise his wares and posted on Ebay additional games, such as Dragon Warrior and additional Megaman games. Metal Gear is a notable classic that is still popular today. There are 60 games total after the modded unit was complete. He confirmed that all the games were tested and working, and will be shipped from Russia. He only has two transactions under his belt.

“I ship from Tyumen, Russia. Shipping Worldwide!”

There was some skepticism among those in the Reddit community where the video wasn’t all that detailed and just showed someone scrolling through a set of games, but how do you explain the additional games that were not included in the standard 30 that came with the NES Classic Edition?

“I didn’t see a video of the hacking, I only saw a video showing a bunch of games seemingly being played on an unmodded mini NES. Something that can certainly be doctored by anyone with the motivation to do so. I’d like to believe that you are legit and you managed to accomplish what you claim to, but I have to be skeptical because to date I am unaware of any way to add games via USB or otherwise.”

Reliving NES Nostalgia

It seems companies are tapping into the nostalgia from the ’80s, and with it a demand for reliving their childhood. Since the Nintendo Mini console looks to have done pretty well by being in demand, it looks like other businesses are looking to strike on the vintage retro-gaming market. By making these soft mods available, could these perhaps be helpful for those who honed in their nostalgia to specific games? Where were you when The Legend of Zelda game out? Who was your most challenging boss on the NES original console? If you played the original Metal Gear game, what was your favorite thing about it?

A Reddit user figured that this possibility of soft modding the Nintendo Mini system has renewed his interest in the product.

“Thanks for the post. Knowing this is possible has renewed my interest on the system.”

If you have a NES Classic Edition mini console, are you ready to relive the nostalgia of the ’80s? Just plug in your Walkman and game pack and go to town with these fun soft mods.

[Featured Image by David Greedy/Getty Images]