Queen Elizabeth Health News Gives ‘The Crown’ Fans More Insider Gossip

Fans of Queen Elizabeth II have been worried about her health at the start of 2017, but the queen’s Christmas and New Year’s “heavy cold” has also prompted insiders to tell funny stories about her life behind the crown.

Naturally, news about Queen Elizabeth’s health is the concern of many people around the world because she is also 90 years old. Nevertheless, this has also become an opportunity for insiders close to Queen Elizabeth to reveal their weirdest moments about the crown.

In addition to keeping tabs throughout the day in the U.K. about the status of Queen Elizabeth’s health, the staff that work for the crown are giving the press a few of their favorite memories about the queen.

For example, a guard almost shot Queen Elizabeth II one morning at 3 a.m. on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, according to E! Online. While the security guard did not specify the date, they did note that the incident shocked the guard, but it did not spook Queen Elizabeth one bit.

There are also other popular stories about Queen Elizabeth that are commonly told in the media from time to time. For instance, there have been many weird gifts given to Queen Elizabeth over the years, according to Telegraph.

Among the shocking items Queen Elizabeth has received are a bag of salt, an elephant, a pair of sloths, 500 cases of canned pineapple, a Maori canoe, horse sperm, and a wine cooler that looks like a giant grasshopper.

Currently, Queen Elizabeth face swapping memes that feature her face replaced with Donald Trump’s are also weird things related to her late life that are unlikely to become an episode on the Netflix show The Crown.

However, if Queen Elizabeth’s health does not improve in 2017, there are likely to be many more examples of these types of “remembrance” stories about the queen that may give enough material for several more seasons to be added onto Netflix’s The Crown.

Of course, there are always fans searching for simple trivia about Queen Elizabeth such as the age Elizabeth was when she became the queen, as well as rare Queen Elizabeth wedding pictures. There are also fans looking for more in-depth details about headlines concerning Queen Elizabeth meeting celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.

Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama
Queen Elizabeth's staff have many stories about her meeting famous people like the Obamas. [Image by Larry Downing/AP Images]

Outside of celebrity stories, some of the funniest anecdotes about Queen Elizabeth come from her royal staff. One story claims that staff are not allowed to serve sandwiches at Buckingham Palace that have corners because of a superstition originating in the Royal Family of the 1800s. Allegedly, sandwich corners have right angles that look like “coffins,” according to The Daily Beast.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth recently invited a large number of outsider eyes to Buckingham Palace when it was announced around December 1, 2016, according to USA Today, that she was hiring interns to work at Buckingham Palace from all her sovereign nations.

Thankfully for her biggest fans, hiring a large number of interns to work at Buckingham Palace likely means that there will be an abundance of forthcoming tales about Queen Elizabeth in her later years of life.

If Queen Elizabeth dies, it is likely the media will focus first on recounting to her fans about Princess Diana and Winston Churchill. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth fans may also finally learn about stories concerning private opinions that are not found in documentaries, interviews, or historic re-enactments like The Crown.

At the top of the list, many fans would love to hear Queen Elizabeth’s thoughts on actress Helen Mirren and how she played Queen Elizabeth in movies.

About the fact that Queen Elizabeth has never commented to Helen Mirren about playing Her Majesty in films, Mirren says the lack of comment by Queen Elizabeth is “appropriate,” according to Playbill.

“[The Royal Family] don’t defend themselves. They don’t say anything. In a sense, it’s not their role to critique that particular world. Likewise, it applies to a film that I know was appreciated by the people around the queen — but the queen herself would never say anything.”

It will also be after her death that many insiders might have stories to tell about Queen Elizabeth’s real feelings on Brexit, which one of her corgis she loved best, and her thoughts about meeting influential people such as President Barack Obama.

In addition, there will likely be many unique tributes to Queen Elizabeth by The Royal Navy and other military organizations she patronized.

Nevertheless, one other aspect of Queen Elizabeth’s death is that she is a religious authority as the head of the Church of England, and this role will be filled by Prince Charles when she dies.

Sadly, one person that will not be contributing their voice to Queen Elizabeth’s eulogies or obituaries is her truest best friend: Margaret Elphinstone Rhodes.

According to Mirror, Queen Elizabeth has been sick lately, but before that she was in mourning for the past two months because her maternal first cousin and “true confidant,” Margaret Rhodes, passed away at age 91 around November 28, 2016.

Not to be confused with Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, Margaret Rhodes was close to Elizabeth and her sister as children, and Margaret is often featured talking about the queen in documentaries. As her bridesmaid to Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip, Margaret Rhodes had a funny anecdote about Queen Elizabeth’s wedding day, according to People.

Queen Elizabeth's best friend Margaret died in 2016
Queen Elizabeth has been sick since her best friend and first cousin, Margaret Rhodes, passed away on November 26, 2016. [Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]

Allegedly, although she was the queen of England, several weird things happened when she tried to get married. For example, her wedding bouquet got misplaced, the tiara broke during the dressing ceremony, and the pearls she was supposed to wear ended up at St. James’ Palace.

Margaret Rhodes also said that Queen Elizabeth was head over heels for Prince Philip from the beginning, and what most people may never realize about Queen Elizabeth is that she never wanted to be queen. Instead, Margaret Rhodes said she hoped a younger brother would come along and rescue Queen Elizabeth from the crown.

If Queen Elizabeth had never become or remained Her Majesty, Margaret Rhodes claimed she would be “living in the country with horses and lots of dogs.”

[Featured Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]