Florida Mom Killed Her Toddler Son And Threw His Body In A Swamp Because He Had The ‘Soul Of Hitler,’ Police Say

A Florida mom who killed her 3-year-old son has shown “no remorse” because she is convinced the boy “was the soul of Hitler,” according to claims by her jailhouse cellmate. Egypt Moneek Robinson, 28, threw the body of her son, Aries Juan Acevedo, into the swamp behind her home, according to Callaway police investigators.

Egypt Robinson’s former cellmate, Tiffany Powell, also 28, recently shared the content of the conversation about the little boy possessing the soul of Hitler with Florida law enforcement officers. Powell is in jail awaiting trial on attempted murder charges, according to the Daily Mail. The body of Aries Juan Acevedo was ultimately found floating inside a suitcase in a swamp in Callaway.

Tiffany Powell also told the Florida law enforcement officials that Egypt Robinson thought she was protecting others by killing her 3-year-old son. The former cellmate said the Florida mom thought her son was an evil child. After Powell’s chat with police investigators she reportedly put in a request for a cellmate change.

Egypt Moneek Robinson is currently being held at the Bay County Jail, the News Herald reports. Prosecutors assigned to the case are requesting a death penalty sentence against the Florida mom. After being arrested for killing her own son, Robinson reportedly confessed to the crime.

Aries Juan Acevedo was stabbed to death by his mother before his body was tossed into a suitcase and thrown in a Florida swamp. When sheriff’s deputies pulled onto the scene after the suitcase containing the little boy’s body was found, Egypt Robinson reportedly approached the officers immediately.

“Just put me into handcuffs. I did it. I killed my baby and put him inside of the suitcase,” the Florida mom reportedly told the sheriff’s deputies at the scene.

While being transported to the sheriff’s office, Robinson made multiple unsolicited statements indicating her belief the end of the world was coming soon, according to the police report. The Florida mom also said she was attempting to save her 3-year-old son from a flood of Biblical proportion.

“The world is going to flood and everyone was going to be drowned and I can’t be drowned, therefore, I have to be shot in the head,” Egypt Moneek Robinson was noted as saying while riding inside the police cruiser. “I was just trying to save my baby! Everyone on Noah’s Ark relieved and my baby will relive again!”

Callaway law enforcement investigators have not yet reportedly ruled out the possibility the 3-year-old boy was killed as part of a “ritual sacrifice.” Aries Juan Acevedo’s body was found on December 29 in the swamp which runs behind a home located at 7023 Benton Drive in Callaway – where Egypt Robinson was staying.

The toddler had been stabbed in the chest before being placed in the suitcase. Police investigators also found a piece of concrete that was about four inches long, stuffed into his throat by his mother. The little boy is believed to have been killed on December 26. The Florida mom was reportedly tying to garner a bus ticket out of Callaway before her son’s body was found.

Egypt Moneek Robines was hospitalized due to a self-inflicted wound after being arrested. She has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in connection to the slaying of her toddler son.

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has already filed a motion in court to have a video taken of Egypt Robinson during her time behind bars used as evidence at trial. Prosecutors reportedly believe the scenes captured in the video will help them make their case to push for a death penalty sentence.

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