5 Ways the ‘Charmed’ Reboot Could Work

The Charmed reboot is officially happening. While many fans cheer, there are some major questions about how it could work. Little information has been shared, but from what has, here’s a look at five ways that the reboot to take off.

1. A Prequel Story About the Halliwell Family

While Charmed has been confirmed to air on the CW, TV Guide states that it will be in 1976. It’s important to point out that this means it will be set in the time period long before the Halliwell sisters found out they were witches. The original show was filmed and set in 1998 to 2006.

One of the best ways to create the reboot is to do a prequel story. There were flashes to the past now and then, with mentions of the family matriarchy, including Penny Halliwell and Patty Halliwell.

1976 would put them in the time period after the older three sisters were born and around the time that Patty had an affair with Sam Wilder, leading to the birth of Paige Matthews. Is it possible that the prequel will tell this story.

2. The Charmed Ones in 1976

Instead of a prequel, the storyline could be about the Halliwell sisters, but based in 1976 instead. New birthdays and slightly different personality traits could be given to the four sisters.

This would be a chance to tell the story in a completely different way. It would give the writers a chance to tell the story with all four sisters meeting at some point. Charmed suffered when Shannen Doherty was fired from the show and Rose McGowen was introduced as the half-whitelighter half-sister in Season 4.

3. A Story About Another Line of the Family

The Halliwell line wasn’t the only branch of the witch family. During Charmed Season 2 it was revealed that there was a line of cousins in 1920. While one cousin was killed, the other two lived and presumably had children. One of those was the ancestor of the Halliwell family, but what about the other cousin?

The reboot could tell the story of another side of the line. This would give the creators a chance to revisit the Charmed lineage and powers. There would be the chance to further this in a way that the Charmed’s series finale prevented, which was classed as one of Hidden Remote’s worst series finales.

4. The Next Generation Travel to 1976

It is possible to do a story based on the future generation. Rather than in their own timeline, the likes of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell could end up traveling to 1976 and finding themselves stuck there. Or they could have an event that they need to change because of evil traveling from their own time to the past.

This would give Charmed a chance to include some of the original characters, while focusing on new and intriguing storylines. It would also take the show out of a timeline that includes all the original cast members.

5. About a Completely New Family

Nobody said that Charmed would have to stick with the Halliwells – or even the Warren line. It is possible that the reboot will focus on a completely new family. It won’t be a completely new show, as there will be mentions of the Halliwells and the prophecy of three sisters who are Charmed.

This may not work as well as some of the other ideas. Fans want to see their favorite family of witches in the Charmed reboot. Hidden Remote admits that the Charmed reboot has missed the mark by setting it in the 70s, meaning fans don’t get to see their favorite characters grow up with their families. Also, the setting is reportedly New England instead of San Francisco, which means no Halliwells.

Charmed is not the only show that is coming back to screens. The CW is also planning a reboot of both Dynasty and Lost Boys. Full House, Dallas, and Gilmore Girls have already been brought back by various networks. This could be a sign that the networks are struggling with new ideas, but the Charmed reboot is something that fans have asked for over a number of years.

What do you think about the plans for a Charmed reboot set in 1976? How do you think it could play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]