Vivica A. Fox Bans Gay Men From Her All-Male ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ Revue — And Her Twitter Profile [Video]

Gay men are “persona non grata” when it comes to Vivica A. Fox’s Magic Mike-like Vivica’s Black Magic strip-show, so says Vivica herself.

While promoting the all-male revue and its accompanying Lifetime reality series on radio mainstay The Breakfast Club early Friday, the 52-year-old former flame of 50 Cent defiantly proclaimed that her dancers were not hired to tease and titillate a gay audience.

“Hell no,” Fox shot back when asked by TBC host Charlamagne the God if gay guys could turn up at Vivica’s Black Magic, as shared by TMZ. “Back all that up.”

“Money is money, though,” the radio DJ retorted.

“We don’t need that kind of money, though,” one of Vivica’s dancers said in response.

Moments later, Fox is asked by Charlamagne to clarify her initial comment.

“Because there’s no need to,” she countered.

“They dance for women. It’s called the ultimate girls’ night out for a reason.”

Unsurprisingly, once Fox’s statement poured over from the airwaves to the internet, several listeners of the LGBT variety clapped back through Twitter on her act of exclusion.

In turn, Fox partly responded to Twitter users’ outcries by referring to them as “trash” people who were “trying to steal her joy,” and then some.

Others, however, were just outwardly blocked by Fox without rhyme or reason.

Along with turning away the gays from Vivica’s Black Magic, Fox has previously been involved in another problematic act that stroked the ire of the LGBT community. During an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live in November 2015, Vivica insinuated that her famous ex, 50 Cent, was gay because of the issue he had with same-sex scenes on Empire, which she occasionally appears on, as well as a cover of XXL Magazine that he shot alongside rapper Soulja Boy.

“First of all, [it’s like] the pot calling the kettle black,” Vivica remarked to Cohen during the visit. “That’s all I’m saying. I mean, we had a great time [when we dated], but it seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear with him.”

50 would go on record later and joke that the reason Fox believed he was gay was due to a sexual act she allegedly performed on him.

Just recently, during another push for Vivica’s Black Magic on The Wendy Williams Show, Vivica revealed that she and her ex had cleared the air between them.

vivica's black magic
50 Cent and Fox attending the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003. [Image by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]

“I will always have love for him,” she tearfully stated. “He was literally like, my one true love. I hated to have to beef with him. But I don’t let nobody mess with me. We’re not meant to be together.”

In that same interview, Fox referred to the dancers of Vivica’s Black Magic as “the help,” a term that caused another temporary firestorm on social media, as Oxygen explains.

“I’m the host of the show,” Fox further expressed to E! Online regarding her duties on Vivica’s Black Magic. “I’m heavily involved with the show. I’m very hands on. I auditioned the guys, they are my elite eight. I’m involved with their costumes, the wardrobe, the choreography. I get on their nerves. I’ve become mama bear.”

She also explained how she was inspired to bring together the stage show after Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Ian Ziering took her to see a Chippendales show in Las Vegas to practice for a one-off stint with the troupe (the two know each other through appearing in the Syfy camp hit, Sharknado).

“[He] took me to see Chippendales in Las Vegas and, lo and behold, I noticed that there was only one African-American on the stage,” Fox relayed. “And I said, ‘You know something? Between Chippendales and Magic Mike, they are sure missing out on a lot of chocolate. A lot of chocolate. And they don’t know that the brothers really got some moves.”

Spokespersons for Lifetime have not commented on Fox’s recent radio interview. Vivica’s Black Magic airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

[Featured Image by Randy Shropshire/Stringer/Getty Images]