Kardashian Sisters Lash Out At ‘Hurtful Lies’ About Their Partners

Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have slammed unfounded rumors about their love lives in an interview with Us Weekly magazine. Speaking in a joint interview with the mag, 28-year-old Khloe said:

“It’s so sad when some publications make up such hurtful lies.”

There’s an almost constant stream of speculation and whispers about the Kardashian sisters, and, while some might argue such gossip fuels their careers, the siblings claim to be tired of the constant coverage.

Recent stories about all three Kardashian sisters have included Kim’s apparent desire to marry rapper boyfriend Kanye West (as well as whispers about a sex tape, since discredited), Kourtney’s relationship difficulties with Scott Disick, and Khloe’s potential divorce from NBA star Lamar Odom (one magazine reported that Odom was preparing to leave Khloe as she is yet to conceive a child).

However, the Kardashian sisters are determined not to let the rumor mill get them down. As 32-year-old Kim tells Us Weekly:

“I’m happy with my life the way that it is.”

Do you feel sympathetic about the Kardashian sisters having to constantly face rumors about their love lives? Or do you feel the Kardashian brand name relies on precisely the sort of gossip that sells magazines and keeps the family in Catwoman outfits and gold Lamborghinis?