Amy Duggar Shares Jim Bob’s Reaction to ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ Reveals Whether Famous Family Will Watch Show

Amy Duggar’s famous family is aware that she’s appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars tonight, but will Jim Bob and Michelle tune in to watch their niece on the reality show?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were always happy to dish out marriage advice to their adult kids on their canceled TLC series, 19 Kids and Counting. However, Amy Duggar recently revealed that her aunt and uncle are not interested in watching Marriage Boot Camp counselors Dr. Venus “V” Nicolino and Dr. Ish Major help other reality show stars work on their relationships. Amy told People that Jim Bob and Michelle will not be tuning in to the Season 7 premiere of the WE tv series because they’re afraid of what their kids might see and hear.

The so-called “rebel” cousin of Counting On stars Jill and Jessa Duggar did admit to dropping a few F-bombs during the filming of Marriage Boot Camp, but the bad word will be bleeped on the show. However, Amy Duggar’s ultra-conservative aunt and uncle still don’t want their kids getting the idea that cussing in front of a camera is okay as long as a post-production editing crew is being paid to clean up your language.

“They try to protect their kids from things like that,” Amy said of her famous family’s avoidance of bleeps.

However, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren’t just worried about their kids hearing censored curse words on television; they also don’t want them seeing anyone on TV who isn’t a character on The Andy Griffith Show. As the Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Amy Duggar’s aunt and uncle have said that the wholesome ’60s series is one of the few TV shows that their kids are allowed to watch. However, even the friendly citizens of Mayberry aren’t well-behaved enough for Jim Bob’s liking. If it were up to the pious reality show star, Barney Fife would get down on his knees and pray whenever he finds himself in a sticky situation instead of making viewers laugh at his over-the-top antics by concocting an absurd scheme to get out of trouble.

The Andy Griffith Show is… a very wholesome show, but when a crisis comes up, they leave God out of the equation,” Jim Bob complained.

“They don’t pray to God asking for his help. Usually they solve the problem with deceit or manipulation. It’s really teaching how to live your life without God. Even though we watch those shows, we usually have a discussion afterward about how things should have been done differently.”

Jim Bob would likely have similar complaints about Marriage Boot Camp. During tonight’s premiere, Dr. V and Dr. Ish aren’t just going tell Amy Duggar and her husband, Dillon King, that prayer is the answer to a healthy marriage and call it a day. To make the reality show more entertaining, the counselors create crazy challenges for the couples, like a “surprise press conference” where they are forced to respond to video footage of their “most intimate secrets.”

In addition to swearing and yelling a lot, Marriage Boot Camp stars drink alcohol and occasionally perform stripteases. It’s definitely not the type of show that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar or their adult kids would ever consider starring on, but Amy isn’t your typical Duggar; she drinks alcohol, watches Gilmore Girls, and wears bikinis. Amy also does not share her family members’ views on “purity.” Jim Bob and Michelle don’t just tell their kids that they risk burning in hell for all eternity if they have sex before they get married; they also scare them into saving their first kisses for their wedding days. Amy thinks this is crazy.

“I think that if I was a virgin on my wedding night and had never been kissed, I would end up rocking in the corner! That is so much emotion all at once,” she told People.

As Us Weekly reports, Amy Duggar has said that her aunt and uncle don’t want her to have any influence on her cousins, but they don’t spend too much time trying to tell her how to live her life. According to Amy, Jim Bob didn’t say anything negative about her decision to appear on Marriage Boot Camp, but she’s not really sure that her uncle “understands the whole show.”

If you’re not offended by Amy Duggar dropping the F-bomb, you can watch her and Dillon King work through their relationship issues when Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

[Featured Image by Dillon & Amy King/Facebook]