John Cusack Developing A Movie About Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack is reportedly developing movie about conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh, and though few details have been offered many Hollywood insiders are wondering what kind of movie a noted liberal like Cusack could be making.

As The Associated Press reported, John Cusack’s movie about Rush Limbaugh has a working title — Rush — and little else. It is being produced by Cusack’s New Crime Productions.

It has been reported that John Cusack will star as Rush Limbaugh in the movie, and that veteran Hollywood director Betty Thomas will be behind the camera. Cusack’s production company is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the script, and filming will begin next year.

Betty Thomas has some experience in shock-jock biopics. She directed Private Parts, a movie about Howard Stern’s rise to fame starring Stern himself.

The subject matter for John Cusack’s Rush Limbaugh movie could be endless. In the last few years alone, Limbaugh has become a media hotpoint as he led the conservative backlash against President Barack Obama. Earlier this year he called a Georgetown law student a “prostitute” when she argued t0 Democrats in Congress that health plans should include contraception.

Limbaugh has also spun numerous conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama. In the past few days he has accused the president of failing in his response to Hurricane Sandy, and mocked Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for what he called a “bromance” with the president.

Though John Cusack leans to the left — he attended President Obama’s 2008 inauguration — he has been critical of Obama, especially on the president’s military and civil liberties policies.

Casting John Cusack as Rush Limbaugh is a curious pick, The Associated Press noted. Cusack is 46, slender with jet-black hair. Limbaugh is 61, heavyset and balding.