Michelle Miller, Adam Arndt: Army Sergeant Deadly Love Affair With Murdered Teen Recruit Subject Of 'Forbidden Dying For Love'

On tonight's Forbidden: Dying For Love, Investigation Discovery viewers will learn about the tragic story of Michelle Miller, a teen recruit and her lover, Adam Arndt, an adult U.S. Army staff sergeant whose love affair ended in death after Adam Arndt put a gun to the teenager's head before turning the gun on himself. The Forbidden Dying For Love episode documenting the case is called "The Sergeant and the Schoolgirl."

Last season, the Inquisitr brought ID addicts background information on most of the stories featured in the show. Forbidden: Dying For Love focuses on cases of love that end in death.

The story that inspired tonight's episode occurred in 2013 after two dead bodies were found in a bathtub inside an apartment on Pinnacle Drive in Germantown, Maryland. That's where authorities say a nine-year Army veteran gunned down his underage recruit before killing himself. The deceased persons were identified as 17-year-old Future Soldier recruit Michelle Lynn Miller and 31-year-old Adam Arndt.


An autopsy report determined that they both died of a single gunshot wound to the head. However, when the story first broke, news outlets reported it couldn't be determined who had pulled the trigger and that it was possible Michelle could have turned the gun on herself, Capt. Marcus Jones told NBC Washington-4.

"There is a possibility that Michelle Miller could have pulled the gun on herself. It's undetermined. There is that possibility."

This angered Michelle Miller's family, who say that Adam Arndt seduced a minor into an adult relationship and then lured her to her death. In the end, a detailed report obtained by the family concluded that Michelle Miller had been shot and killed first. There were also some strange injuries to the body that she had sustained before her death.

Before the bodies were discovered by police, Michelle Miller's father last heard from his daughter after she left home to help a suicidal person in need. He tried to talk her out of it, but according to Michelle's father, she went to the address anyway.

The anguished father received one more text from his daughter. But all subsequent attempts to reach her after that last exchange were unsuccessful, according to CBS News.

Adam Arndt enjoyed working with teen recruits that were looking for a career in the military after graduation. Michelle Miller had planned on entering the Army Reserve. Instead of keeping a safe distance between himself and the student recruits, Adam Arndt formed personal relationships with them, something that the Army frowned upon.

Family members believe that Arndt should never have met Michelle Miller, a National Honors Society and varsity lacrosse player at Rockville High. His past record of inappropriate behavior should have prompted an immediate ousting from the military.


Alice G. Miller, Michelle Miller's grandmother, stated the following in her LinkedIn article.

"Since the day the broken body of my 17-year old granddaughter, Michelle Miller, was discovered in the apartment of her 31-year old Army recruiting sergeant, the facts surrounding her death have been distorted or withheld. All too soon, we realized that this notification had little to do with justice; it was all about damage control. What followed was a blackout of facts, while the Army investigated. It is only now, after three years, that the Army has acknowledged the fact that the comrade was the sergeant, who had begun to seduce Michelle from the day he recruited her. A few nights prior to Michelle's death, the sergeant was informed by one of his higher ranking friends that he was to be reported to headquarters the coming Monday morning, thus effectively signing Michelle's death warrant for that Sunday night. On Saturday the sergeant texted another recruiter with the query: "Where can I hide a dead body?" All along, the Army knew about the Sergeant's history of alcohol and substance abuse, multiple suicide attempts and past inappropriate behavior with other recruits, some still minors"

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