‘Fringe’ Episode 505: ‘An Origin Story’ Recap

Fringe Episode 505 “An Origin Story” follows the team as they recover from the devastating loss of Etta last week. Caution: Spoilers Ahead.

Olivia and Peter struggle to come to grips with losing their daughter again after just being reunited. Outside on the street, electricity surges announce the arrival of The Observers/Invaders. They carry a large case to the middle of the road and use it to launch a portal. Several storage containers come out of it on pallets. One of the Observers opens one up and scans the machine inside with a handheld device, cryptically telling his partner that they are “ready for transport.”

Back in Etta’s apartment, Olivia takes a call on Etta’s phone and speaks to Anil, Etta’s contact in the Resistance. He asks if they can meet, and Anil tells the Fringe team about the Observers shipment. The Observers are trying to complete their oxygen deprivation device. If they are able to finish building it, they will affect the environment so badly that human life spans will be reduced to 45 years.

When the team asks him how he got this information, Anil reveals they captured an Observer and have his case in their possession. He also has a notebook written in their language, which he asks Olivia to help him translate.

Peter wants to try tinkering around with whatever is in the Observers’ case to see if he can use it to destroy their portals. Walter and Olivia are unsure since they don’t know what they are dealing with, but Peter is dead-set on exacting revenge for Etta’s death.

Can Walter come up with a plan to stop the Observers from taking over our world? More importantly, can Peter overcome his pain and rage over the loss of his daughter to help Olivia see it through?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Fringe, “An Origin Story”? Did Peter’s actions shock you?