‘Black Twitter’ Roasts ‘Yahoo Finance’ For N-Word Twitter Typo: ‘Trump Wants A Much N***** Navy’ Screenshot Trends

The “B” is really close to the “N” on most keyboards. And because of that fact, Twitter reports search terms like “Yahoo Finance tweet” and “Black Twitter” and “N**** Navy” trending today. That’s because when Yahoo Finance attempted to tweet a headline that read “Trump wants a much bigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost,” the “bigger” didn’t read “bigger” at all. Instead, the N-word racial epithet was written in its place, a likely inadvertent typo that “Black Twitter” is taking in stride with a series of jokes appearing on Twitter. As seen in the below tweet, Yahoo Finance quickly apologized to “Black Twitter” and Twitter at large for their spelling error.

The Yahoo Finance tweet and the Yahoo Finance screenshot can be seen on Twitter, along with the trending Black Twitter jokes and other responses. With the Yahoo Finance Twitter account (found @YahooFinance on their official Twitter page) enjoying 717,000 or more Twitter followers — many folks were able to grab screenshots of the SNAFU for the 20 minutes or so the tweet in question was reportedly live. Whereas some members of “Black Twitter” are taking the mistake as an innocent one for “the biggest business news platform on the planet,” others are bringing up nefarious conspiracy theories. One such theory suggested that the word “bigger” may have been autocorrected to the N-word if that N-word was used more commonly on the device in question.

For the most part, the so-called “Black Twitter” segment is taking the mistake in stride and making jokes in turn. One of the most popular tweets from the “N-word Navy” hashtag that has resulted in the wake of the Yahoo Finance melee shows the scene from HBO’s Atlanta quite a popular show with “Black Twitter,” as it were, as reported by the Inquisitr — whereby a young boy sits with white face paint in his classroom. The joke uses the young boy in a GIF that quips about dodging the “N-word Navy” draft. It was a memorable scene that sent the teacher reeling into the hallway to complain to a cohort, saying she couldn’t handle the job anymore.

The “N-word Navy” hashtag has all sorts of jokes and GIFs, quipping quite incorrectly about black people not being able to swim, therefore a Navy with more black folks wouldn’t work. For the record, this writer loves to swim and marvels at perfecting a Michael Phelps type of butterfly stroke. But the jokes roll on, with some people inside and outside of “Black Twitter” not getting the humor in the typo, nor the “N-word Navy” reaction.

Certain Twitter tweets are wondering aloud if the Yahoo Finance tweet was a Freudian Slip, and not a spelling error — perhaps pontificating whether or not the unfortunate tweet writer may have been linking President-elect Trump to a Navy that’s comprised of more minorities. Some of the reactions to the Yahoo Finance mistake and the response from “Black Twitter” under the “N-word Navy” trending hashtag and others can be read below.

: “ proves that anytime black Twitter calls black people around the world will still answer the call.”

“USS Hennessey

“Black Twitter is a national treasure put it in the museum.”

“But which select white people can join the if asked?”

: “Captain: Man overboard! Save him! : TF! I just got hair done I’m not jumping in that water.”

: “I can swim like a fish but there’s a stereotype about black people that says we can’t, so we’re appropriating that for the sake of comedy

: “Yahoo Finance needs to blame Russia ASAP. An intern named Vladimir, something. .”

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