Comedian David Spade Hospitalized After Car Accident [UPDATE]

**UPDATE** 1/6/2017, 10 p.m: Sources say that David Spade is back on his feet, and was back doing stand-up on Thursday night, where he briefly mentioned his accident, including bumps and bruises. Nobody else in the wreck was seriously injured, but Spade's Range Rover is officially totaled.

Comedian David Spade is reportedly lucky to be alive after a car crash Wednesday night that has left him briefly hospitalized. Spade's Range Rover was destroyed on Sunset Blvd., just in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. when it was smashed in what is being reported as a three car accident. Spade was headed to dinner when the accident occurred at approximately 6:40 p.m.

David Spade is currently working on a comeback project for Charlie Sheen, on the Crackle Network, as Sheen has had difficulty finding work after last year's confession that he was dealing with an HIV diagnosis, says the Inquisitr. Spade and Sheen had been longtime friends, and Spade has been in Los Angeles working on the project he created, and is co-producing.

TMZ broke the news that the accident happened when David Spade was trying to make a left turn when another car sped up to make it through a yellow light, crashing into Spade's SUV. At the time, the police said that nobody was seriously hurt in the crash.


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But though TMZ said that nobody from the crash was taken to the hospital, other reports, like one from The Daily Mail says that Spade was hospitalized with injuries from the crash, but is now resting at home. A doctor from the hospital where Spade was treated says that he got lucky.

"David was released from the hospital with a few aches and pains and bruises but seems fine and is resting at home now."
David Spade's 2017 has not gotten off to a good start, as he posted a photo earlier in the week of a parking ticket he got while out in Los Angeles from the infamous parking enforcement. He wrote a caption to show his disgust with parking patrol.
"Can't parking enforcement every take one f***ing day off!"
US Weekly says that most of Spade's injuries were caused by the deployment of his airbags, but more than anything, he was just shaken up. An eyewitness says that Spade was placed on a gurney and taken to the hospital in an ambulance, refuted what the TMZ report had shared.

"He seemed OK," the onlooker adds. "He just looked scared and shaken up."

Another source close to Spade said that he should be okay with rest.

"David was released from the hospital with a few aches and pains and bruises but seems fine and is resting at home now."
Sources say that drugs and alcohol were not to blame for the crash, and played no role in the accident.
Entertainment Weekly says that David Spade's current project with Charlie Sheen is in the works, and it's called Mad Families. The original film on Crackle is going to be the first time Sheen and Leah Remini have worked, other than giving interviews on their respective scandals. Charlie Sheen has gone public with his HIV and financial struggles, and Remini has gone public with her life in the grips of Scientology.

The movie is based on three families, one white, one Hispanic, and one African-American — all refuse to give up their reservation for a campsite on a holiday weekend, for anyone else. The men involved in the reservation compete in various contests to win the site for their vacation. Leah Remini, who plays Cheyenne, thinks the entire thing is stupid.

"Do you think men ever get a POV of themselves and just go, 'We're really stupid?'"
The film, written by David Spade in the vein of Joe Dirt, debuts on Crackle on January 12th.

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