Mariah Carey Team's Finger Pointing Is Coming Back To Point At Manager Stella Bulochnikov [Update]

**UPDATE** 1/7/2017 2 A.M.: An eyewitness that was on stage with Carey on NYE claims she was "out of it" and unprepared to go on stage on NYE.

"She seemed out of it. She kept stumbling and mumbling. I could hear her muttering to herself over and over 'Why am I here?'"

The source also says that after the performance, she was yelling at bystanders randomly.

It's approaching the week mark, but the talk of the failed Mariah Carey New Year's Eve performance is not going away, largely because Carey's manager, Stella Bulochnikov, aka Stella Stolper, who continues to double down on the talk that is very he said, she said. Bulochnikov, who is best known as a reality television producer, and a contestant on Last Comic Standing, even went after Mariah Carey's first ex husband, Tommy Mottola, a music company executive, and former head of Sony, calling him "a relic."

But the longer that the story of Mariah Carey's lip synch performance on New Year's Eve stays in the news, the more people wonder what really went wrong, including rumors that she had been using the marijuana she allegedly bought at a high-end dispensary, called The Original Leaf in Aspen, says the Inquisitr. Photos showing Carey, dressed in a full-length gown, a flannel red and black huntsman's check jacket, and dark sunglasses, even though it was evening, and dark, were published going in and out of The Original Leaf, and the company would only verify that she only purchased an amount of product for personal use, within the legal guidelines, of something called Amafu, which is reportedly a popular strain, "great for the great outdoors," but perhaps not great for the outdoors of Time Square?

Page Six is saying that Mariah Carey's manager, Stella Bulochnikov, the driving force behind the new Mariah Carey reality show, Mariah's World, played a role in her break up with Australian billionaire James Packer, and is hungry for fame and to be in the spotlight herself. Stella Bulochnikov's first foray into show business was under the name Stella Stolper, her married name, on the reality competition show, Last Comic Standing, on Season 4.


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Bulochnikov, a Russian native, was voted off on the first episode, allegedly because the audience couldn't take her jokes, which were about pregnancy, and aired on June 20, 2006.

"I love the babies! I want to have more kids, really, I do! I just can't take the pain, and the nausea and all that weight. And I'm not talking about the nine months of being pregnant, I'm talking about the two minutes the old man's on top of me."

An insider who used to work with Bulochnikov said that she is very ambitious, and wants to be in the spotlight herself.

"Stella is the one who really wants to be the reality star. She even filmed a pilot for herself last year," said an insider who used to work with the self-proclaimed "Russian dictator."

They claim that the show might be called Mariah's World, but she is out to create a show starring herself, more like Stella's World. They claim that she wants to be the one on magazine covers, and she knows nothing about being a manager, as shown by the way she is lashing out in light of the NYE debacle.

"Stella is the furthest thing from a manager. She's a TV producer. She's practically moved in with Mariah and now she has so much stuff on her that she can get her to do anything. She's pulling the strings, and Mariah does whatever she says."

It's starting to look like Mariah Carey's biggest mistake wasn't a lip-synch flub on national television, but in the time afterward, when her creative director, Anthony Burrell, was fired to take the fall for the incident, says Jezebel. The Carey camp is saying that the blame for the NYE meltdown was due to Burrell's decision to move the backup dancers offstage "left Mariah without any support."

But many in the industry are saying that this doesn't ring true, because in another breath, the same camp was saying that the earpiece wasn't working. But even though Mariah Carey's performance was awful, the follow-up, especially at the hands of manager Stella Bulochnikov, has been horrible. Bulochnikov, as the manager, has had to come out front as the face of Team Carey, and the things she is saying are inconsistent, and don't add up, including that she has denied that Carey lip-synchs on stage.

"No. It's not lip-syncing. Lip-syncing is when people don't sing at all. This is what people should understand. Every artist sings to a track, especially in circumstances like that when it's really loud and impossible to have a great musical performance. You're not singing at the Philharmonic. Every artist who goes out there sings to tracks. What Mariah was doing was singing to tracks."

Just after the performance, Stella Bulochnikov took aim at Dick Clark Productions in interviews, perhaps not realizing that many would step in to back up DCP. Bulochnikov said that DCP sabotaged Mariah Carey, and they left the flubbed performance on for the West Coast feed for the sake of their own ratings. But DCP responded publicly, especially to the idea of the word "sabotage."

"[Mariah's allegations are] defamatory, outrageous and, frankly, absurd. In very rare instances, there are, of course, technical errors that can occur with live television. However, an initial investigation has indicated that DCP had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey's New Year's Eve performance."

Robert Goldstein, of Maryland Sound International, which does the audio in Times Square on NYE, backed up DCP, volleying the ball back into Mariah Carey's court.

"There were zero technical malfunctions...Every monitor and in-ear device worked perfectly."

But a powerful voice from Mariah Carey's past is coming to her defense, taking aim at Stella Bulochnikov, and a management team being called "inexperienced," and that voice belongs to industry powerhouse Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey's first ex-husband, and former head of Sony, according to People Magazine. Mottola says the everyone should leave Carey alone, and that what happened on NYE could have happened to anyone.

Mottola says that Carey is the voice of a generation, and an extreme talent, perhaps the best to come along in three decades. But according to Mottola, Carey's problem is clearly based in the people that she surrounds herself with.

"My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career! Most certainly none of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony for the first 10 years when she skyrocketed to global superstardom!! Where absolutely meticulous and methodical attention was paid to every single detail and nuance that went into her career!"

Mottola also says that it is ridiculous that anyone would ever have suggested that Carey do the reality show, Mariah's World. After Mottola's statement was published, Stella Bulochnikov took is as fighting words, not for Carey, but for herself, and she lashed out.

"Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone?"

Do you think the fight over Mariah Carey's performance is over, or will Stella Bulochnikov continue to strike out?

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