Is 'Days Of Our Lives' At Risk Of Cancellation If NBC Gives Megyn Kelly A Talk Show In Soap Opera's Time Slot?

Days Of Our Lives has been viewed by fans for 50 years. Although it doesn't have the greatest numbers, compared to The Young And The Restless or other long-running TV shows, it does have passionate fans. With the news that NBC is giving Megyn Kelly a daytime show, could it affect DOOL?

The Hollywood Reporter published an article going over the details of Megyn Kelly's news deal with NBC. Although she had offers with more money, she chose this particular network. Since spending time with her family, which includes three children, it is speculated that NBC might have offered her more freedom. It was reported that Kelly was given a triple role by the network. She will host her own daytime news and discussion program. Additionally, Megyn will also be a Sunday night anchor and will participate in big coverage items, such as politics.

In the report, it was stated that some wonder if Kelly will get a talk show in the 9 a.m. time slot. However, insiders claimed that giving Megyn the time slot that belongs to Days Of Our Lives is possible.
"The 9 a.m. hour has long been the weak link in the lucrative franchise, which includes a successful 10 a.m. hour hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. And insiders note that 1 p.m., when the soap Days of Our Lives currently airs, is more likely."
After reading this, some DOOL fans worried that the soap opera could be canceled. Even though the viewership numbers are not that great compared to other soap operas, Soap Opera Digest reports the ratings at 1.7, and that has not changed in several weeks. As all viewers know, Days Of Our Lives fans are passionate about the TV show, characters, and storylines, despite what the viewership numbers say. Even though cancellation is always a possiblity, it is more likely that it will be moved to a different time slot. Perhaps an hour earlier or later.

Before DVRs, this might have been an issue. However, the television recording device allows fans to watch their favorite series at their convenience. Even though some people don't have DVRs and watch DOOL when it airs, if fans were given plenty of notice, the viewership numbers probably wouldn't change that much. Remember, this isn't just a typical TV show, it's Days Of Our Lives and fans will go to great lengths to catch every single episode.

If it does get a new time slot, it certainly would not be the first time. The soap opera has been on the air for half a century and has gone through many changes. In fact, New York City residents are already being notified that Days Of Our Lives is moving from 1 p.m. to noon because of Access Hollywood Live.

Changing time slots and worries of cancellation are nothing new for DOOL fans. Last year, a Facebook user claimed Days Our Lives was being canceled, which spread panic in soap opera groups across the social networking site. Of course, the individual was spreading a rumor, not fact, and it was soon debunked. Some fans become attached to certain characters and threaten to leave if the actors exit the show. Even though sometimes those viewers do stop watching, the soap opera is addictive and most continue to watch. Those that do stop tend to stay updated by reading magazine articles and skimming recaps.

What kind of effect do you think Megyn Kelly's deal with NBC will have on Days Of Our Lives? Is the soap opera at risk of being canceled or moved to a different time slot? If it changed from 1 p.m. to an earlier or later time, would you still be able to watch DOOL? Do you believe the insiders are right about their speculation or is this causing unnecessary panic among fans of the Bradys, Hortons, and the other fictional families in Salem?

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