Kristen Stewart Slots Girlfriend Time Between Movies: ‘Twilight’ Star Works Rapidly Through Robert Pattinson, St. Vincent, And Alicia Cargile

Kristen Stewart came into herself in 2016. She realized that she no longer had to hide her relationships from the public and instead of toning down her activities, she ramped them up by going through three different girlfriends just in the last year. And now, it looks like Twilight star is testing out the waters with Stella Maxwell, whom she had been linked to after her brief encounter with St. Vincent. Will Kristen settle down in 2017 with the Victoria’s Secret model?

While some onlookers thought that Stella was just a New Year’s Eve fling for Kristen, it looks like things are much more serious than that. The new couple appeared in Los Angeles together, enjoying spending relaxing time in each other’s presence.

“Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell have their hands full as they make their way out of a smoothie bar on Wednesday afternoon (January 4) in Los Angeles,” reported Just Jared. “The actress and her Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend went super casual as they enjoyed a cute outing together.”

They rang in the new year in Hollywood, spending the night out on the town with other movers and shakers of the film industry. Heavily influenced by Kristen Stewart’s chill vibe, they dressed more casually than for the red carpet.

“Kristen Stewart, 26, was caught out and about with sexy model Stella Maxwell, 26, on Tuesday night, December 27, in Hollywood,” reported Hollywood Life. “This is the first time the pair have been spotted together since it was reported that they were hooking up […] Both girls are dressed pretty casually, with Kristen rocking ripped jeans over black leggings with a cropped white T-shirt under a bomber jacket.”

One of the reason that many gossip sites are wondering how long Stella and Twilight star will last is due to the fact that Kristen has not hung onto a girlfriend for more than a new months, at least in 2016. Of course, the longest relationship she has ever had was with Robert Pattinson, her co-star of the Twilight franchise, but since then, she has steadily moved away from male partners and has experimented in a string of female relationships.

She first got together with her ex-personal assistant, Alicia Cargile. They were often seen together in Los Angeles area, engaging in the same kind of activities that she now does with Stella. But then the 26-year-old actress changed her gears to SoKo, a French singer-actress, who was much older than she was. Right before the Cannes Film Festival, Kristen broke up with her to get back together with Alicia, with whom she managed to spend the few relaxing weeks that followed the premiere of her two major summer films, Cafe Society directed by Woody Allen, and Personal Assistant.

But with the onset of autumn, Kristen Stewart quickly found love in St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark), who had just broken off a long-term relationship with the famous British model, Cara Delevingne. Both out of serious relationships, Kristen and St. Vincent quickly jumped into the fling, attending a movie premiere together and even signing onto the same projects.

“I composed the soundtrack for Kristen Stewart’s new short film Come Swim, which is also premiering at Sundance,” St. Vincent tweeted.

While some people thought that their collaboration meant that they would become more stable in their relationship, it looks like St. Vincent was just another girlfriend on Kristen’s path to finding herself. After all that, it really looks like Robert Pattinson is fading deep into her dating history.

Do you think that Twilight star will find long-term love in Stella Maxwell? Or do you think there is a chance she will reunite with Alicia Cargile? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]