Serena Williams Compares Getting Engaged To Alexis Ohanian And Tacos On Instagram, ‘Frustrated’ With Tennis But Not At Husband-To-Be

Serena Williams is having a crappy start to her 2017 season, but that isn’t bringing her down. The tennis star is keeping herself positive and strong on things she posts on Instagram. Also the fact that she just got engaged to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian probably helps her keep her hopes up.

Having a social media startup genius as her husband-to-be means that Serena also has to step her Instagram game. She knew that all her fans were eager to have a peek at her engagement ring so she decided to combine her two loves in one post.

Sneak peek. ❤️It was a corn tortilla of course in case you were wondering.

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If you know Serena, you also know just how much she loves tacos. So this comparison may actually be a flattering one for Alexis Ohanian.

While the former world number one’s 2016 ended with the engagement, the start to 2017 has not been as peachy. After pulling out of last year’s season citing injuries, the 35-year-old tennis player tried to make a big comeback right before the Australian Open. But the games did not go as she wanted and she ended up losing to a fellow American in the second round of the ASB Classics.

She cited the windy conditions as the major reason for her poor performance.

“At least I can get out of these conditions,” she commented after losing in three sets to Madison Brengle, according to New York Times. “I would say it’s my least favorite conditions I’ve ever played in. Again, my opponent played in the exact same conditions. She was able to adjust better than me. I really abhorred these conditions.”

Her bitter attitude at the end of the match showed just how much she was looking to return strong on court. Right now, the fiancee of Alexis Ohanian is counting on the fact that it will not be as windy in Australia.

“I can take solace in the fact that the conditions won’t be like this in Melbourne,” she continued. “This is almost not a great opportunity to assess your game, to be honest. I’m trying to think of a word for it that’s not obscene, but I can’t.”

The 2017 Australian Open is set to start on January 16, so serena has just under two weeks to get her spirits in order to compete long and hard for the title.

Although Serena had an embarrassing start to 2017, she has more to be thankful for. She is one of the most successful tennis players in history, rallying long into her 30s without many instances of injuries in her earlier years. Right now, she matches Steffi Graf’s open era record of having won 22 major titles and is looking to surpass that in time.

Not to mention that she got engaged on New Year’s Eve after trials and tribulations of dating in the celebrity world. She even brought the Reddit founder to New Zealand in hopes that his presence will boost her performance.

“The couple rang in the New Year in Auckland, New Zealand where they were photographed for the first time following their exciting engagement announcement last week,” reports E! Online. “They looked happy as they walked out of the airport, heading to board a helicopter. Serena was smiling, looking chic in a floor-length grey jacket over a pair of cut-off shorts and tennis shoes. But the most exciting part of her ensemble was her engagement ring, which she gave us a first glimpse of while using her phone.”

While Serena Williams does not post a lot about her then-boyfriend and current husband-to-be, she has made special amends for the times that they looked extra cute together.

Bear necessities

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Do you think Alexis will follow her to Melbourne as well? Do you think she will be able to amp up her performance like she says? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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