'Cult Of Chucky' Details And Teaser Confirm Another 'Child's Play' Sequel [Video]

For horror fans, few franchises are as thrilling or as much fun as the Child's Play series, which has primarily starred Brad Dourif as serial killer Charles Lee Ray, whose murderous soul gets transferred into Good Guy doll, Chucky. Even after 30 years of terrorizing audiences, Chucky still remains a favored horror icon, so it should come as no surprise that a new sequel is in the works. The seventh installment of the Child's Play series, Cult of Chucky, is well on its way, and proving you can't keep a Good Guy down, we already have a trailer for the new film.

Universal 1440 Entertainment Drops A First Look At Cult Of Chucky

Cult of Chucky, Fiona Dourif, Curse of Chucky
'Cult of Chucky' brings back Fiona Dourif, as she reprises Nica from 'Curse of Chucky.' [Image by Universal 1440 Entertainment]

While many fans weren't aware that a Child's Play 7 was in the works, Coming Soon reveals that Universal Studios has been developing the sequel and will head into full production of Cult of Chucky in the coming week. The film will be shot on location in Canada. While filming hasn't yet begun, that hasn't kept Universal from putting a teaser together to entice fans to keep on eye out for Chucky's return.

It has also been revealed that Cult of Chucky will not see a theatrical release, but will, instead, be a direct-to-DVD offering.

"It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 30 years since Chucky first terrified moviegoers in Child's Play," said Glenn Ross, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Universal 1440 Entertainment. "Since then the films have generated millions in worldwide box-office revenue. Now Chucky's back with more scores to settle in his trademark twisted style, and you can bet he won't stop until he gets his revenge."

Cult of Chucky will again be a family affair, both on and off screen, as it reunites Brad Dourif, voicing Chucky for the seventh time, with his daughter, Fiona Dourif, who will be reprising Nica Pierce from 2013's Curse of Chucky. Joining the Dourifs, Alex Vincent (Child's Play, Child's Play 2) will return to play Andy Barclay and Jennifer Tilly will again voice the Tiffany doll.

A Deeper Look At Cult Of Chucky

Child's Play, Chucky
A new 'Child's Play' sequel brings Chucky back for a new killing spree. [Image by Universal 1440 Entertainment]

While the news that Cult of Chucky will be a direct-to-DVD/video release may not fill Child's Play fans with confidence, Entertainment Weekly reveals this won't be the usual, sub-par production usually associated with such releases. For instance, Don Mancini, who wrote 1988's Child's Play and has remained connected to the franchise throughout its 30-year life, will be deeply involved with Cult of Chucky. Manicini has written the screenplay for Curse of Chucky and is rumored to be directing the film.

What is Cult of Chucky about?

An early synopsis for the Child's Play 7 sequel places Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) in an institute for the criminally insane, where she has been confined for the past four years, after having been convicted of the murders from Curse of Chucky. Things go from bad to worse for Nica, when her counselor introduces a new therapy tool, designed to help patients communicate more effectively: a Good Guy doll.

As might be expected, chaos ensues, as the Chucky doll begins a murderous rampage throughout the institution, but one good thing does come from Chucky's blood-shedding antics. As the murders are uncovered, Nica is forced to face the truth about what really happened in the past and she remembers that Chucky, not herself, was the killer.

Thankfully, Nica doesn't have to face Chucky alone in Cult of Chucky. All grown up and cast as an unlikely hero, Andy Barclay (Vincent) returns to save Nica and help her defeat Chucky once and for all. There's just one obstacle: Tiffany is back as well, and ever the romantic, she'll do anything to anyone to keep Chucky out of harm's way.

[Featured Image by Universal 1440 Entertainment]