Single Mom Skips Tip On $140 Bill [Photo]

A photo of a restaurant receipt allegedly left by a single mother has sparked outrage after it was posted on Reddit.

In the tip line for the $138.35 bill the woman wrote, “Single mom sorry.”

The woman tried to make up for not leaving a tip by writing, “Thank you, it was great.”

PhenixSongFawkes, an editor for Reddit, posted the photo and wrote, “I’m sure $140 could have gotten you and your kids a week worth of groceries, but instead you spend it one one meal?! For shame!”

Several posters shared a similar sentiment, blasting the woman for her selfishness. One user named Redheaded Banshee wrote:

“I’m a single Mom, and this is bullsh*t. What exactly are you teaching your kids? That it’s all about you – what you need, what you want, and screw everyone else. It’s YOU first.

Dear Parents of all kinds – your kids are watching you and learning. Treat others with respect please!

D*****b*gs come in all shapes and sizes, even single Mom types.Sighhhhhh.”

Another user named olblueeyes937 wrote, “Single mom or not you leave a tip! Sorry dude, people are trashy.”

Some are questioning the authenticity of the receipt, including Lindsay Cross, a blogger for Mommyish. Cross, who was once a single mother, wrote:

“It’s completely possible that someone wanted to be an asshole and blame it on single moms. Honestly, the more I think about how anyone would do this to a waitress, the more I think it’s likely that this was just a very awful prank to make single moms look bad.”

Cross also said mothers who raise children on their own tend to be more sympathetic toward people in service positions, and generally try to help those who work hard.

Single mom leaves no tip on $140 restaurant bill

Do you think the receipt is real? If so, how do you feel about this single mom not leaving a tip on an almost $140 bill?