Alleged Drug Dealer Chased By Dinosaurs, Visited By Aliens While On LSD

Greenwood, IN – An alleged drug dealer was visited by aliens and chased by dinosaurs after downing over two dozen hits of LSD, according to FOX 59.

Police stumbled across the incoherent ramblings of 19-year-old suspect Edward A. Kirk III after he was spotted running down the street early Thursday morning. Witnesses remarked that Kirk was screaming bloody murder as he attempted to escape the dinosaurs he thought were following close behind.

Once police caught up with the suspect, he admitted to taking over 30 hits of LSD. Kirk also told officers that he would gladly introduce them to the aliens that were hiding out inside his apartment. Authorities decided to pay the teenager’s home a visit.

The Smoking Gun reports that police found over 1,000 hits of acid inside the suspect’s apartment, as well as a makeshift laboratory to produce the drugs. The residence is also reportedly the place where the alleged dealer’s friend overdosed in August.

During their time spent with Kirk, police learned that the teen was selling drugs in order to make some money. The suspect also explained that selling LSD was his way of doing “the people’s work.” Not surprisingly, investigators didn’t find dinosaurs of aliens inside the apartment.

In addition to finding ketamine, suspected DMT, mushrooms, and marijuana the dealer’s place of residence, authorities also locatged substances that will require further testing to identify.

Due to his peculiar behavior and his admission to downing 30 hits of LSD, police decided to have Kirk checked out at an area hospital before carting him off to Johnson County Jail. The suspect now has a stack of charges levied against him, including possession of marijuana, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of a controlled substance schedule, possession of synthetic cannabis, possession of syringes, and reckless possession of paraphernalia.

Although downing 30 hits of LSD and hanging out with dinosaurs and aliens may sound like a blast to some, hallucinogenic drugs can have some adverse effects on an individual’s well-being. LSD usage can cause mental disorders, trigger panic attacks, and, in some rare instances, psychosis.