February 22, 2017
National Margarita Day Brings Joy To The Masses

Happy National Margarita Day!

February 22 might seem like any other day to the unenlightened, but margarita enthusiasts know the day by another name--National Margarita Day. On this day, tequila lovers from across the nation partake in their favorite drink--the margarita.

The origins of Margarita Day have been lost in time, but the way to observe has not. To properly celebrate and pay respects to the holiday, drink a margarita!

National Margarita Day has fallen on a particularly merciful day this year, Wednesday, allowing tequila lovers across the nation a happy hour incentive to get through hump day. In honor of National Margarita Day, several chain restaurants are offering discounts and deals:

National Margarita Day restaurants.
Margaritas on the rocks with salted rim and lime. [Image by DNY59/iStock]

Margaritaville & LandShark Bar & Grill are advertising $3.50 margaritas, all day long.

Tony Roma's serves its version of the drink, the Classic Romarita, for $2.22.

Participating On the Border locations are serving up margaritas for between $2 and $3.

Cheeseburger in Paradise is also offering a $2.22 price point for their margaritas.

Bahama Breeze locations are also offering the $2.22 price point.

Someburro is extending the celebration by giving away $1 frozen traditional or strawberry margaritas for the entire week.

Besito Mexican Restaurant in New York and Connecticut has a two for one special and free Patron tequila tasting in the evening from 5pm to 8pm.

Mercadito in Chicago is offering a buy one get one free of their signature house margarita from 11am until 1am tomorrow.

If you're in Atlanta, Tin Lizzy's Cantina is giving away free flasks.

Texas Margarita Day enthusiasts can enjoy margaritas for $2 all day at Senaida's Mexican Kitchen.

The Salty Sow in Phoenix is serving a $12 margarita board with samples of different drinks for you to try.

The south is overflowing with National Margarita Day deals, including $3 margaritas all day at Casa Mexicana in Mississippi.

Mt. Washington Tavern in Maryland will give you free quesadillas from 4pm-6pm and a $5, 16-oz margarita to go with it.

Margaritas and tacos are half-price in North Carolina at Hot Taco.

Mucho Bueno in Ohio has Coronaritas for $7.99.

Juannita's in Indiana is giving away free T-shirts, and margaritas are only half price.

Pizza Express has its own twist on the holiday. They're giving out free margherita pizzas to the first 10 customers who wish staff a "Happy National Margarita Day!" at each location.

Your local restaurants and hang-out spots might have their own deals, so it's best to check if any of them have their own Margarita Day deals.

National Margarita Day deals and drinks.
She knows how to celebrate National Margarita Day! [Image by Michael Svoboda/iStock]

A margarita is a cocktail served in its own special glass consisting of tequila, triple sac, and lime/lemon juice or margarita flavoring. The composition of the drink is 1/2 tequila, with the other half of the drink divided equally between the other two components. Usually, there is salt on the rim of the glass, but it can be ordered without. The ice in the drink can be served whole or blended, and particularly thirsty margarita drinkers can order the drink "straight up" (without ice.) A piece of fruit, usually a lime, is affixed to the salty rim.

There are many margarita recipes online which add other flavors to the drink for your own personal twist. This means that margaritas come in many varieties and can be enjoyed by people with many different palettes.

The origins of the margarita cocktail are as hazy as the origins of National Margarita Day, so several origin stories exist. The margarita seems to hail from Mexico, or the American southwest, and may or may not be named after a woman named Margaret (or Margarita.) Wherever it came from, margaritas are wildly popular and enjoyed by many all over the country--especially on February 22, National Margarita Day.

[Featured Image by Eddie Berman/iStock]