'Sherlock' Actress Amanda Abbington's Cryptic Tweet Could Mean Mary Is Still Alive

Sherlock's much awaited Season 4 premiere has already graced the TV screens, and it got a lot of mixed reactions. A good chunk of fans are lamenting the fact that one of Sherlock's beloved character, Mary Watson, was killed off the show.

This led to a great amount of buzz around social media about possible scenarios where Mary Watson can still come back to Sherlock. While clinging to those hopes may seem foolish, the actress who plays Mary Watson may have fanned the flames of TV conspiracy with a tweet that she posted.

Per the website Mirror, fans of Sherlock might recall that Mary Watson took the bullet that was intended for Sherlock Holmes in the season premiere.

The shocking twist of the Sherlock season 4 premiere was quite unexpected. Sherlock Holmes was solving a case regarding someone who is on a Margaret Thatcher marble bust shattering spree.In the end, Sherlock suspected that the person responsible is hiding the recently stolen "Black pearl of the Borgias."

To make the long story short, Sherlock Holmes was dead wrong, and to his shock the bust contained Mary's secret past life flash drive. This is similar to the one that Mary's husband, John Watson, destroyed in the fireplace. This leads to events that eventually ended with Mary putting herself in a bullet's way to save Sherlock.

On January 4, Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Watson in Sherlock, posted a tweet of herself sporting a red wig. She placed the hashtags, Mary, Sherlock, redhead, ummm, and wig to accompany the tweet. Now, hopefully, Amanda Abbington is not just playing some sick mind games as her tweet seems to imply a clue about her recently deceased character.

Fans may recall that Mary Watson has a past life as part of a group of assassins. In the Sherlock season 4 premier, Mary showcased her special set of skills. One of which is her ability to disguise herself.

In a scene where Mary was on the run, she was sporting a black wig and taking on another persona. Could it be that Sherlock fans will see another elaborate death cover up by Mary Watson and Sherlock Holmes?

This is not exactly far-fetched, especially basing on Sherlock standards. The show has already had its fair share of over the top cover-ups and Mary surviving a gun shot seems a bit light.

Mary Watson's final words to Sherlock Holmes in her farewell video was to "save John Watson." Maybe the two concocted an elaborate ruse just to keep Mary's husband out of harm's way.

Another theory derived from the tweet stems from Radio Times. According to the site, Mary Watson's red wig is reminiscent of a certain mysterious red headed woman that John Watson met on the bus. She is the woman that John Watson had been flirting with through text messages.

It could be that John will be seeing a lot more of this woman after. A new romance will begin to bud, but John could have flashes of Mary Watson when he looks at this mystery woman from time to time. This is probably why the show runners are still keeping Mary Watson on the show. She still has a part in Sherlock through hallucinations and flashbacks.

Of course, these are all speculations from fans who are still reeling from the death of a well-liked character. It seems like TV shows like Sherlock are taking a page out of Game of Thrones regarding killing off characters. The show makers will answer a lot of questions when it releases episode 2 of Sherlock on January 8.

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