NBA Rumors: Status Of Rajon Rondo Uncertain As Chicago Bulls Ponder Moves

When will the Chicago Bulls move on from Rajon Rondo?

That is one of the chief questions that the Chicago Bulls face. It is that, along with whether or not they will be making additions or subtractions on their roster.

The Chicago Bulls’ cupboard is not a bare one, but it is not enough for the Bulls to be where the proud franchise was — challenging for championships. During the offseason the Bulls have made a slew of moves, some good, others terrible, which is why they are in the position they are in today. A reluctance to tear the team down and start over has come back to haunt the Bulls these days. And some of the damage is irreparable.

The free agency signings of Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade have been met with some mixed results.

Rondo is the type of point guard that wants to run a quick pace offense. And the Chicago Bulls are not young and athletic enough to run with him.

In the past, If teammates rushed down the basketball court on the offensive end, Rondo would ramp up his defensive efforts. That was not seen with this Bulls team. Rajon Rondo only plays one way, and the Bulls proved that he was a square peg fitting into a round hole by not adding a few more young athletes to play with him.

In the case of Dwyane Wade, he brings an aura of respect to the Chicago Bulls. He has put butts in seats, which is very important. Also, Wade is helping his Bulls’ teammate Jimmy Butler learn what it takes to become an NBA superstar. Rajon Rondo, in the meantime has not necessarily fit in with the Chicago Bulls, and has subsequently been glued to the bench (courtesy of CSN Chicago) for over a week.

To his credit, Rondo has not said much about being benched by the Bulls. That does not mean it is not bothering him. His Bulls’ teammates have lauded his professionalism (courtesy of the Chicago Tribune), including Dwyane Wade.

“The decision that was made obviously came from up top and the head coach. It’s just a tough position to be in, a tough situation. It can be uncomfortable at times, especially when your teammates don’t know what’s going on and it’s not their job to know what’s going on. I think he has handled it great. That’s all you can ask for from a player, that they’re professional about whatever situation comes their way. He’s been very professional about it up to this point. But it still sucks. It’s unfortunate.”

The Chicago Bulls must come to a consensus on what to do with Rajon Rondo. The longer that the Bulls wait and let Rondo twist in the wind, the likelihood of generating acrimony increases.

Because Rondo has very little trade value, the Chicago Bulls will have a difficult time dealing him, unless they can strike something with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cavaliers are interested in Rajon Rondo. Whether or not the Cavaliers will be convinced to trade for him remains to be seen, but a trade can happen if both teams can agree on something.

If the Cavaliers were to offer the Bulls point guard Kay Felder, a future draft pick, and the $9.6 million trade exception they received from the Anderson Varejao trade last season, would the Bulls be take it?

The Bulls could get from under Rajon Rondo’s contract immediately by making a deal with the Cavaliers. Rondo’s $14 million contract would become the Cavaliers’ burden. With LeBron James in place in Cleveland, coupled with the golden opportunity to get a second NBA title would be enough to keep Rondo happy. As for the Bulls, it is a chance to have a do-over.

Something will have to give for the Chicago Bulls soon. Rajon Rondo has too much of an NBA pedigree to be allowed to twist in the wind. If the Bulls cannot trade him, they should just buy him out. The latter is the most likely scenario as it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the one team interested in the Chicago Bulls’ point guard.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]