NYC Marathon Becomes The ‘Race To Recover’

The New York City Marathon has been dubbed the Race to Recover. Backlash for going forward with the annual race through the five boroughs has not swayed Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s position on the matter. The 2012 ING NYC Marathon Race to Recover fund has pledged to donate at least $1 million, or $26.20, for each of the more than 40,000 runners expected to show up for the event, according to the race website.

Where exactly all of the marathoners are going to stay is also a matter of controversy. Many hotels are serving as defacto shelters for residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

The Marathon Race to Recover Fund will reportedly support a host of different charities involved with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Both the Mayor’s Fund and the American Red Cross are anticipated recipients of money donated by marathon organizers.

During an interview with ABC News, Staten Island resident Joan Wacks had this to say about Mayor Bloomberg’s decision not to cancel the NYC Marathon:

“He is clueless without a paddle to the reality of what everyone else is dealing with. If there are any resources being put toward the marathon, that’s wrong. I’m sorry, that’s wrong.”

Staten Island officials do not appear pleased with Bloomberg’s decision to hold the race while thousands of residents remain without power, adequate clothing, or enough food to eat. Red Cross trucks were expected to arrive on Staten Island by Friday afternoon. Approximately 10 trucks were allegedly delayed by traffic surrounding the borough.

A release posted on the New York Road Runners website reads:

“With just two days to go before the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, Episode 1 of NYRR On the Run at Race Week looks at how NYC is preparing to host the ING New York City Marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and how this year’s race will be about showing the world the spirit, vitality, and determination of New Yorkers and serving as a platform for support of the recovery efforts.”