'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 14 Recap & News: Surprise Turn Of Events On K-Drama’s Return, Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun Win Best Couple Award

The Legend of the Blue Sea is now back to its regular programming, with Episode 14 airing on SBS last night. With Heo Joon Jae finally aware of what really happened in his past life as Dam Ryeong, he is as vigilant as ever to keep Sim Cheong safe. Especially from Ma Dae Young, who Joon-jae believes is the main antagonist based on his visions from the past.

After Joon-jae's hypnotherapy session with Dr. Jin Kyung Won, he returns home with a new resolve to protect his mermaid love at all cost. As with most dramas, events unfold to show Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun's onscreen chemistry as they play out a typical romantic date between two lovers. And as most dates go, the couple goes into their first silly fight about moving on after one of them dies.


Meanwhile, more focus was given to the story of Joon-jae's mother as she discovers that her son ran away from home 10 years ago. In her distress, she decided to come back to Chairman Heo Il Joong's house, where she confronts Kang Seo Hee, his new wife. What's surprising is how calm the two wives bid farewell to each other in the past, as if they were just clocking in and out of Il Joong's life. This time around, though, Heo Yoo Ran is furious that Seo Hee didn't do as she promised years ago. With a threat to bring Seo Hee back to her place, thoughts of the under dog winning over her enemy has fans rooting for Joon-jae's poor mom. She was, by the way, a very dignified noble woman in her past life.

Mermaid voice

On the other hand, since Joon-jae can hear Cheong's mermaid voice, he became aware of her need to swim in the water again. Living with three men and unable to keep the house to herself, Cheong has come to the point when she needs to recharge as she has been on land for too long. Hearing this from her mind, Joon-jae asked Jo Nam Doo and Tae Oh to leave the house the whole day thinking that this would allow Cheong to have the swimming pool to herself. But when she started swimming in her mermaid form, Nam Doo returned to the house and saw her in her true form. Ecstatic about the possibilities, he told Cheong about how they can travel to Las Vegas and put up a mermaid show where they can become very rich. He even asked her to cry so that he can see her shed tears that turn into pearls. In return, Cheong erased his memories, but not before churning out possible scenarios if it was Joon-jae who discovered her strangeness first.

A surprising turn of events involved Dae Young, who coincidentally is Dr. Jin's patient as well. In his quest to discover why his life has been a series of misfortunes and crimes, he requests to be hypnotized like Joon-jae so that he can see his past. He has been having nightmares about the Joseon era, which has probably led to his unstable mind. After his psychiatric session, though, he discovered that contrary to what he himself and Joon-jae think, he wasn't the one who killed Dam Ryeong in the past.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 revealed a 180-degree turn in Chi-hyeon's demeanor.
[Image by SBS Korea]

Which leads to the question of who caused Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa's death. Some fans on Reddit think that Joon-jae's stepbrother Heo Chi Hyun will turn out to be the real bad guy. It's not hard to conclude this since Episode 14 made way for a complete 180-degree turn in his demeanor. For one, he very calmly lied to his father about letting Joon-jae know of Il-joong's accident. Secondly, he lied to Joon-jae as well about their father's real health situation. Thirdly, he has completely taken over the family business. And finally, it looks like he is enamored with Cheong as well, and means to steal her from Joon-jae.

On the other hand, some fans think that Nam-doo, with his reputation of a greedy conman, has more reason to commit the crime. For one, his criminal protégé has expressed his desire to leave behind his conman ways because of Cheong. Secondly, in the moment of clarity when he saw Cheong's true form, his initial reaction was how to make a profit from her for a long time.

Legend of the Blue Sea actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun won Best Couple during the SBS Drama Awards.
The Legend of the Blue Sea actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun won Best Couple during the SBS Drama Awards. [Image by SBS Korea]

The Legend of the Blue Sea recently won in the SBS Drama Awards for several categories. Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun took home the Best Couple Award, while Sung Dong Il, who plays Ma Dae Young, won Special Actor for Fantasy.

Other awards that the K-drama received include:

  • Top Excellence Actor (Fantasy) – Lee Min Ho
  • Top 10 Stars Award – Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun
  • Idol Academy Award "Best Eating" – Jun Ji Hyun
The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 15 returns tonight on SBS.

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