Meet the New Sarah Palin Look-Alike

Tina Fey's been getting all the attention lately for her resemblance to Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. But now, another candidate is entering the look-alike pool.

A news anchor in Bangor, Maine (pictured at right, with the real Palin to her left) says she's been getting comments -- and sometimes hate mail -- related to her apparently similar appearance to the Alaskan politician. Cindy Michaels says she even received one voicemail saying: "What is this...the K-mart version of Sarah Palin? What did you do, lose your little cheapo glasses?"

In a recent story on her own station, Michaels said she's been sporting the Palin-style hair and glasses since long before she even knew who the potential VP was.

Hey, at least SNL now has a backup for when Tina Fey can't make the show.