Police: Ohio Man Squirted Semen On Women At Walmart

An Ohio man has been arrested for a downright nausea-inducing crime. CBS News reports that 26-year-old Timothy Black is accused of committing a vile crime at a Marietta Walmart store, involving more than one unsuspecting woman.

Police say that Blake used a syringe to squirt his own semen at women as they shopped at his local Walmart store on more than one occasion. They say they first received a report of this bizarre behavior in early-November, from an unidentified female shopper who claimed he was being “creepy,” while hanging around her. The woman told police that she felt something “wet” on her back and foot while the man was behind her, which prompted her to run to a restroom to check herself.

The unidentified woman told authorities that the substance was wet and sticky. When she emerged from the restroom, she claims that Timothy Blake was still present, and was watching her. Surveillance footage from the Marietta Walmart store reportedly compliments the woman’s claims.

That’s not the only complaint being made against the Ohio man. On Dec. 28, authorities were given a similar account from another woman. Surveillance footage also went along with the claims she had made.

Just before New Year’s Eve, Timothy Blake was arrested in association with the two disturbing incidents at Walmart. During an interrogation, the Ohio man initially admitted to squirting egg yolks at the two women. However, when police told him that they had “tested the substance,” Blake changed his story, and admitted that he had actually squirted semen at them. He reportedly admitted to using a syringe during the two reported incidents, but also admitted to using egg yolks and saliva in a syringe on separate, but similar, occasions. He has admitted to at least a dozen other occasions where women were stalked and squirted with bodily fluids and egg yolk.

This isn’t the first time someone has been accused of squirting or smearing their bodily fluids on unsuspecting members of the public. Late last year, a Florida man was arrested after he reportedly poured semen on a woman at a Panera Bread restaurant. The Tallahassee Democrat reports that 28-year-old Patrick Bruce had entered the Panera Bread on Sept. 12, where he encountered the unidentified woman.

The woman, who was eating with a friend, told authorities that the Florida man sat nearby and stared at her and her friend as they ate. The two women told police that he disappeared into a restroom, briefly, before coming back with a cup. The Florida man is accused of saying “here you go,” to the woman, as he flung the contents of the cup in her face — getting it on her neck, shoulders, and arm. The contents of the cup was later determined to be Patrick Bruce’s semen.

Also last year, a Pennsylvania man was arrested after he allegedly squirted semen on a woman’s buttocks. The woman claimed that she was shopping in a Bethlehem grocery store at the time of the incident, but she followed him out of the store and took cellphone photos of him in order to identify him to police. Lehigh Valley News reports that 57-year-old Michael Kevin Morris was charged with two counts of indecent assault and a single charge of open lewdness.

As for this latest case, Ohio man Timothy Blake has been charged with sexual imposition, menacing by stalking and pandering obscenity. He is currently being held in jail without bond. Meanwhile, reports have revealed that he is married, but his wife has been unaware of his alleged hobbies. Police have reported that the Ohio man blames his parents, for some reason, for the strange behavior he has exhibited.

[Featured Image by Washington County Sheriff’s Office]