A Total Of 28 Of America’s Largest Papers That Endorsed Obama In 2008 Now Support Romney

Mitt Romney has garnered more than 100 endorsements from newspapers across the United States. President Barack Obama has earned 84 such nods from editorial boards to date. A total of 28 of the largest newspapers in America supported Obama in 2008 but have now changed their positions and endorsed Romney.

Editor & Publisher maintains that Mitt Romney is “stunning the newspaper world.” The website also notes that some large market newspapers decided to forge ahead with support for the president but offered “less than glowing” reviews of his performance during the past four years. The Washington Post and The New York Times have both endorsed the Democratic incumbent.

The New York Times had this to say about Obama in the endorsement:

“President Obama has shown a firm commitment to using government to help foster growth. He has formed sensible budget policies that are not dedicated to protecting the powerful, and has worked to save the social safety net to protect the powerless.”

In the Des Moines Register’s endorsement editorial supporting Mitt Romney, the staff claimed that the economy is growing at an “unacceptably anemic rate.” The Orlando Sentinel also gave the nod to the Republican nominee. The endorsement stated the following about the presidential race:

“It verges on magical thinking to expect Obama to get different results in the next four years. And while the nation’s economy is still sputtering nearly four years after Obama took office, the federal government is more than $5 trillion deeper in debt. It just racked up its fourth straight 13-figure shortfall. Obama’s defenders would argue that he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, and would have made more progress if not for obstruction from Republicans in Congress. But Democrats held strong majorities in the House and Senate during his first two years.”

The Los Angeles News also endorsed Mitt Romney for president. The editorial maintains that President Obama has shown an “unwillingness” to take the most basic steps in leadership during his term in office. Click here to browse a roundup of newspaper endorsements.