VARSITY K-Pop Debut: New GKC Entertainment Boy Band Wants You To Know That ‘U R My Only One’ While Possibly Putting EXO, GOT7, And BTS On Notice [Video]

We are just four days into 2017, and it is already promising to be a far better year for K-pop with all the comebacks in January alone. So far, we experienced AOA make their comeback with two title track songs, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing,” for their first full-length studio album Angel’s Knock. We will also see the comeback of Day6 in which they will perform concerts and release new songs every month for the year. And for K-pop fans really wanting a throwback, first generation K-pop girl group S.E.S. is making their return for their 20th Anniversary since they debuted.

However, it should be reported that January will also be a month not just of comebacks for K-pop acts, but debuts too, even if it is a re-debut. Since it was close enough to 2017, we can say Rania’s re-debut as BP Rania counts though many K-pop fans, especially those who are A1st (fan club of Rania), were not impressed. Yet, the one K-pop debut that was on most fans’ radars was Varsity. They teased us for the last month with individual and group images, dance practices, biographies, and teaser trailers showcasing snippets of their music video of their debut song, but now they are here. Varsity wants to let everyone know through their title track song that “U R My Only One.”

Varsity Group Image Teaser

Varsity officially made their K-pop debut on Thursday, January 5, at midnight KST with their title track song “U R My Only One,” as reported by Soompi. It is their debut track song off their first single album Round One. Anyways, Varsity delivered as they previously promised to deliver a powerful performance complete with acrobatic dance moves. As for the song itself, it surely will get K-pop fans’ head bobbing as it is a mid-tempo dance song that is easy on the ears with a nice instrumental backing, as reported by AllKpop.

What is peculiar about the music video are the locations and box sets used. For seasoned K-pop fans, especially those who love their boy bands, the settings used could either be Varsity either “shouting out” or “calling out” other boy bands. One of the places they performed at was the helicopter pad on top of a building. Upon further inspection, it looks like the same helicopter pad Got7 danced on in their “Fly” music video. Another place they perform in is a basement with metallic debris and chandeliers. The place might be a combining of BTS’ sets used in “Dope” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” Finally, the red, blue, and white plain stages with polygonal lines, that might be a reference to EXO from their “box set” days or possibly their overuse of such colors in “Lotto.”


To be frank, EXO will probably be Varsity’s biggest competition. The reason why is both boy bands were created with very similar intents. SM Entertainment formed EXO with 12 members in which six were Korean and six were Chinese. This is so the songs can be performed in both Korean and Mandarin. It was a very smart concept as it gave SM Entertainment the opportunity to lock in not just the Korean music market but the Chinese too. Apparently, that is what GKC wants to do but with a further reach as a “Global Idol Group” with the 12 members — Kid, Bullet, Damon, Xiweol, Xin, Jaebin, Seungbo, Riho, Anthony, Yunho, Dawon, and Manny — able to communicate in Korean, English, Mandarin, Arabic, and French. Varsity even has a strong social media presence with an official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Fan Cafe.

Varsity is now here and they have already made a major impact in K-pop with almost 50,000 views for their music video of “U R My Only One.” If they called out EXO, BTS, and Got7 in their music video through their stages, it is a gutsy move on their behalf. All that aside, “U R My Only One” is a very catchy song performed well by a very promising K-pop boy band.

[Featured Image by GKC Entertainment]