Steven Tyler Drops F-Bomb While Performing On ‘Today’ Show

Steven Tyler did not have a stellar performance on the Today show on Friday, dropping the F-bomb live on the air and seemingly forgetting what show he was on.

Aerosmith was slated to perform on the Today show Friday morning, but Steven Tyler appeared to be unclear about what show it was he was on. As the camera panned to him and his bandmates waiting to perform, Tyler shouted, “Good morning, America!”

Things got rougher from there, TMZ noted. As Al Roker was giving a weather update, Steven Tyler could be heard in the background shouting to the crowd, “Thanks for coming out, you crazy f**ks!”

Roker reacted quickly, E! News noted.

“What did he just say?” Roker asked. “That’s why they haven’t done mornings.”


The scene was reminiscent of Tom Hanks’ appearance on Good Morning America last month in which he slipped an F-bomb of his own during an interview. Only in that case, Hanks was overly apologetic for the gaffe. As E! News noted, it appears that Steven Tyler knew exactly what he was doing.

The former American Idol judge has been in the news recently. Last month Steven Tyler’s former management company sued his current lawyer of what it claimed was a “botched” deal involving Tyler’s American Idol gig. The Kovak Media Group claimed that attorney Dina LaPolt cost Steven Tyler a deal worth $6 million to $8 million by botching negotiations for a second season at American Idol.

Here is video of Steven Tyler dropping the F-bomb on Today with the word itself censored out: