Hailey Baldwin Attends A Lakers Game After Being Romantically Linked To Justin Bieber And Jordan Clarkson

Hailey Baldwin seemingly proclaimed that she was single on New Year's Eve, but in recent weeks, she's been linked to a couple of famous men.

In December, after Justin Bieber completed his Purpose World Tour, he and Baldwin were reportedly spotted together at a hotel in Beverly Hills, which quickly sparked rumors of a possible reunion. However, weeks later, the 20-year-old model was seen with Jordan Clarkson, who has also been romantically linked to her longtime friend Kendall Jenner.

On Twitter on New Year's Eve, Hailey Baldwin posted a meme which noted how everyone would be kissing and hugging one another when the clock struck 12, but instead of kissing someone, she would be playing awkwardly on her phone.

Around this time last year, Hailey Baldwin traveled to Anguilla to ring in the New Year with Justin Bieber and his family and on New Year's Eve, they were seen sharing a romantic kiss with one another at what appeared to be a nightclub.

[caption id="attachment_3853739" align="aligncenter" width="395"]Hailey Baldwin attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards Hailey Baldwin attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2016[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images][/caption]

Following Hailey Baldwin's trip to Anguilla one year ago, she and the "Cold Water" singer continued to spend time together in Los Angeles and were frequently seen in photos on their social media pages. However, around the same time, Bieber fueled rumors of romances with Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian. As fans will recall, Bieber offered a shoutout to Gomez in March just weeks after he was seen with Baldwin and a short time later, Gomez supported him at one of his shows. Meanwhile, Kardashian spent time with the singer throughout the early months of last year and into summer.

While Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's romance appeared to fizzle out by spring, Baldwin remained in the public eye, and for weeks, she was tied to rapper Drake. In May, after reportedly spending time with the rapper at his Memorial Day party, Hailey Baldwin allegedly enjoyed a dinner date with Drake and another couple. Drake was even seen wearing Baldwin's "H" necklace, but ultimately, there didn't seem to be much between them.

In the months that followed Hailey Baldwin's alleged romance with Drake, she seemed to keep a low profile as Bieber began spending time with Sofia Richie, but then, in December, she and Bieber were believed to have briefly reunited at the Montage Beverly Hills.

"Late last night Justin and [Hailey Baldwin] ran through the lobby of the Montage and into an elevator together," an eyewitness told Hollywood Life. "They looked happy, giggly and were holding hands."

[caption id="attachment_3853748" align="aligncenter" width="395"]Hailey Baldwin introduces UGG Classic Street collection Hailey Baldwin attends the launch of UGG Classic Street on August 23, 2016[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images][/caption]

Just weeks after Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were allegedly seen together, she spent New Year's Eve without him at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood, and as she made her way out of the venue, she was photographed holding hands with Clarkson, of the Los Angeles Lakers, who has been linked to Jenner since last March.

In the days since, Hailey Baldwin has been spotted shopping with Kendall Jenner and also attended a Lakers game with her longtime friend. As the Daily Mail revealed, Hailey Baldwin and her fellow model were seen sitting in the front row at a recent game. Then, after the game, Hailey Baldwin reportedly shared a photo of herself and Clarkson on her Instagram page.

"Later [Hailey Baldwin] shared a snap where she stood next to the towering basketball player and her sidekick. The point guard looked the worse for wear after the his team's latest loss - which at the time was just the latest in a long line of defeats," the Daily Mail revealed to readers, along with the photo which featured Baldwin in a camouflage jacket.

"My fwendsssss," Hailey Baldwin captioned the photo.

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