UFO Sighting: ‘Rattled’ Washington Witness Spots Baffling Light In Sky

A UFO sighting on December 29, 2016, in the city of Davenport, Washington, was one of three witnesses to report a light in the sky at approximately 9:30 p.m. that left her, in her own words, “rattled.” According to her report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), the witness was viewing a movie on her laptop when she saw a bright light in the sky outside of her living room window. She also noted that her living room window faces east.

There are two unique aspects to this UFO sighting. The first relates to the picture of the UFO that the witness’ daughter took with a cell phone, which NUFORC has made available. The witness states that the picture did not accurately reflect the sighting.

“I quickly got up from my seated position and alerted my daughters to the bright light in the sky. One of my daughters had her cell phone handy and I asked her to take a quick picture. She did take the picture, however, she had the flash on and the quality of the picture is not the best. The picture does not accurately reflect the bright red of this unknown thing in the sky.

“Upon inspection of the picture that my daughter took, I believe there were at least 3 unknown objects in the sky.”

Star in sky could be mistaken for UFO

Inspecting the photo, one can see where the flash bulb is reflected in the window of the house, and one can see the outline of the holiday lights on the house adjacent. Looking to the right of the flash reflection, there is clearly a bright light in the sky. Whether that is a UFO or a star is debatable until the investigation is complete. Undoubtedly, that investigation will focus on the exact location of the witness and a star chart for the night sky overhead.

It is not difficult to imagine this UFO sighting is a misidentification, if for no other reason than the image is unclear. That said, the witness is describing what NUFORC is classifying as an unknown shape for this sighting. Without a rough distance and altitude, the photographic evidence in the case is insufficient to be more specific with a classification. It should be noted that both the primary witness and her two daughters filed reports.

The second unique aspect of this sighting matches up neatly with the disappearing triangle UFO phenomenon. Among the common descriptions for triangle UFO sighting cases are that this type of UFO typically has three lights: one on each corner and a bright red light in the center of the UFO. Could this witness have been sighting a triangle UFO with none of the lights on the corners engaged?