Jordyn Woods Gets Criticized For Sharing Bikini Photos Of Her Curvy Body

Carrie Parker

Plus-size model Jordyn Woods is baring a bit of skin in her latest Instagram photos as she vacations with friend Kylie Jenner.

The 19-year-old shared several photos on on Tuesday and Wednesday as she flaunts her curvy figure in skimpy bathing suits. The first image features Jordyn lying in grass while wearing a neon green two-piece. The model seductively poses for the camera as her cleavage and thighs are on full display. Woods captioned the photo saying she never wants to leave the vacation spot.

Some commenters called her beautiful, while others stated it looks as if Woods has recently lost weight.

"Jordyn is a queen"
"Prefer u over Kylie"

"When you better lookin than kylie and all her surgeries."

"When you better lookin than kylie and all her surgeries."

"LMAO you could see the gap between her teeth nothing sexy about that"

"All that money and you still don't fix ya teeth"

"All that money and you still don't fix ya teeth"

"Ur ugly as f***, u think ur all fine cuz ur this b****es friend, ur just a fat hippo"

Despite the rude comments, some fans stood up for Jordyn as they called out the haters.

"Damn people are mean on here..... Go Jordyn you are so beautiful and thickkkk"
"Why should she loose weight? If there's nothing wrong with her health, who are you to judge her? Disgusting."

"That's the problem wrong with the world today, the comment you made was very distasteful, women need to empower each other and what you're doing isn't helping! SMH"

Us Weekly had plenty to say about Jordyn's sexy photos as well, but in a positive and respectful way of the young model. Apparently, Woods and Jenner are staying at Joe Francis' house in Mexico as they model their swimwear, according to the site.

"Sexy besties! Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods modeled similar swimsuits in a series of Instagram photos posted on Tuesday, January 3 while staying at Joe Francis' house, Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico."

The article added that both Woods and Jenner showed off their bodacious bodies poolside while wearing minimal makeup.

"Both ladies wore their hair loose and kept their makeup minimal and glowy."

While Us Weekly applauded Jordyn's look and her campaign towards body acceptance as a plus-size model, fans continued to rip into her as they commented on all her Instagram posts— and not just about her size. Woods posted a shot featuring her posing with Kylie, and fans were quick to call her out.

"Dont get why you hang out with someone so FAKE!!"
"...but it's comments in particular that bother her. She usually regrets reading those."
"People will say something, and I go to their page, and they're either blocked or a picture of a sunset is their icon. I'm like, 'Who is this person judging me sitting behind a computer?' You only have two followers. I'm like, 'Shut up.'"

[Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]