Mariah Carey Reportedly Buys High-Priced Pot In Aspen Before New Year's Eve Meltdown

Let the plays on words begin about Mariah Carey buying marijuana in Aspen. From high notes to high altitude, Carey is said to have paid some high prices to procure the popular strain called Amafu from a shop called the Original Leaf in Aspen. According to the Original Leaf, Amafu is "great for the great outdoors."

Mariah Carey has certainly made headlines toward the end of 2016, from her New Year's Eve performance to her demand of a $50 million settlement from her former fiance, according to the Inquisitr. Carey refused to give the ring back when she called off the marriage to James Packer but then claimed that Packer owes her at least $50 million in damages based on the money she spent in anticipation of their marriage. Between that and the launch of her new reality show, it's looking like Packer dodged a bullet.

The Daily Mail opened up an article about Mariah Carey buying marijuana in Aspen with the lead-in "Weed belong together."


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Mariah Carey certainly didn't go to the dispensary dressed to blend in, because she was wearing a green ball gown, sunglasses (despite the fact that it was dark out), a beanie, and a red and black checked flannel coat. Although it's hard to imagine the diva procuring her own drugs, there she was shopping at the Original Leaf.

Sources at the dispensary claim that Carey's purchase was within legal guidelines.

"The Original Leaf sets the standard for top quality freshness, texture, flavor and variety. Our naturally grown cannabis is produced without the standard array of potentially harmful, environmentally long-lasting agricultural chemicals commonly used since the 1950s. Yet organic farming isn't primitive, it's actually farming with our future at heart."

The Original Leaf has edibles, topicals, and more for recreational use.

But no matter what caused the major flub on New Year's Eve, heads are rolling, says Page Six, and her creative director has been canned. Anthony Burrell, who worked with Carey for years, has been fired, and sources say that he might not be the last person to get a pink slip from diva Mariah Carey,

"He's not being brought back [in 2017] for a number of reasons."

Burrell made the move to pull backup singers back and dancers forward "without permission." Those who are still employed by Carey say that Burrell left her on stage with no support. However, Burrell seems to regret the whole performance and tweeted his thoughts on the matter.

"I haven't been able to watch NYE performance. 30 sec from live TV, boss couldn't hear her own vocal in her in-ears from Mic. #heartbroken."
The Today show says that the whole event left Mariah Carey "mortified." However, Carey is still refusing to take any responsibility for the mess up that led to the meltdown. Carey says that if Dick Clark was still alive, this would not have happened.

"All I can say is Dick Clark was an incredible person and I was lucky enough to work with him when I first started in the music business. I'm of the opinion that Dick Clark would not have let an artist go through that and he would have been as mortified as I was in real time."

Mariah Carey, meanwhile, claims that she still believes that it is possible she was sabotaged during her New Year's Eve performance.

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