Tucker Carlson Discusses Julian Assange: ‘Why Would He Lie About The Source Of The Hack?’ [Opinion]

On December 3, Tucker Carlson was asked about Julian Assange on Fox & Friends and said he believes that Julian Assange is telling the truth about the source of leaked emails and is no ally of Donald Trump. Tucker Carlson reiterated that there had been no Russian hacking and that Julian Assange had no reason to lie when he stated that Putin and Russia were not behind leaked DNC emails, as Twitchy report.

“Julian Assange is a man of the left, he’s not an ally of Donald Trump, so why would he lie about the source of the hack?”

Tucker Carlson then asked if there would be any point in Julian Assange lying over leaked emails and why. If Assange doesn’t support Trump, what would be in it for him?

“If he’s lying, you have to ask yourself what is the point of his lying? He went on to say in his interview with Sean that he believes the purpose of this is to delegitimize Trump. Why would he be acting on Trump’s behalf? What’s his motive in doing that? I don’t see that he has one.”

On Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson went on to say that now a growing number of leftist journalists are starting to question allegations of Russian hacking and asked whether these journalists were also being used by Putin, as Julian Assange has been accused of this.

“We’re missing part of this story. You’ve noticed perhaps that a number of journalists on the left, Andrew Cockburn at Harper’s and Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, have jumped up and said, ‘Wait a second. There’s no evidence that Russia was behind this.’ Are they tools of the Kremlin too? A lot of sober people who have no motive to lie are asking the question, that is ‘Do we really know that Putin is behind this?’ And the answer I think is we don’t really know that.”

Julian Assange at launch of Democracy in Europe Movement 2025.

This isn’t the first time that Tucker Carlson has spoken up in favor of Julian Assange and denied claims of Russian hacking behind leaked DNC emails.

In December, Carlson spoke with Adam Schiff, the Democratic House Intelligence Committee’s ranking member. Tucker Carlson asked Schiff if the Democrats had any proof that the Russians had been involved with hacking.

Adam Schiff was unable to answer that question, but told Carlson, “You’re carrying water for the Kremlin. You’re going to have to move your show to RT.”

Tucker Carlson further debated the issue of Russian hacking after the Philadelphia Inquirer published an editorial on January 2 that praised President Obama for the sanctions he had put on Russia, along with the 35 diplomats that he expelled from the United States. Similar to Julian Assange’s stance on there being no Russian hacking, Carlson spoke with Paul Davies, who is one of the editors at the Philadelphia Inquirer, as reported by Personal Liberty.

Tucker Carlson with Anna Kooiman Clayton Morris and Rick Reichmuth on December 4, 2013 in New York City.

Tucker Carlson asked what Julian Assange had previously asked, and that is the question of whether the American public deserves full disclosure of all the facts and complete transparency before voting in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“Should those facts that fell into public view, do you think Americans shouldn’t have known before they voted in November?”

Paul Davies was also asked by Carlson if he felt Americans should have had less information and shouldn’t have seen the leaked DNC emails before they voted.

While Davies echoed the sentiments of many Democrats when he suggested information that influences elections is not a good idea, many Republicans like Tucker Carlson are coming around to the idea that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been providing accurate and helpful information to the American public and will continue to do so.

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