February 24, 2017
iPhone 8 Release Date 2017 Rumors, Expected Features, Longer Battery Life?

iPhone 8 is on the way and the most likely release date is fall 2017, according to multiple sources. We are going to look at multiple iPhone 8 leaks, which suggest that it is going to catch up in areas where competitors are excelling rather than having some innovative features.

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which the late Steve Jobs announced at the Macworld convention in 2007. There is no doubt that the iPhone revolutionized smartphones and shaped how we use phones. Will Apple make a statement in 2017? Some rumors suggest that Apple will make some radical changes with the iPhone 8, such as no home button. Rather, rumors suggest that iPhone 8 will have touch ID fingerprint and its camera built into the display.

Gizmodo reported last month that Apple patents show that an edge-to-edge display could work. This does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 8 will feature this; however, it is in the realms of possibility.

With a likely fall iPhone 8 release date, Apple will likely release two versions: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. However, some rumors suggest that Apple will release three models with one OLED and two standards.

According to research obtained by Mac Rumors, there may be a higher priced version of the iPhone that will contain much of the rumored features including a much longer battery life.

"In addition to more modest updates to current iPhone SKUs, we expect Apple to launch a higher priced device with AMOLED display that allows for a curved form factor and longer battery life, wireless charging technology, 3D sensors, and more advanced AI software capabilities. While we see accelerated upgrades for Apple's highest end users in all regions, our work suggests China users are especially sensitive to new technology and form factor changes."
With the release of each new iPhone, issues with the battery life consistently go viral. It is likely that Apple will focus on improving this issue and it would be a feature many iPhone fans would consider worth paying for an upgrade. Improving the battery life could be a result of more efficient software and hardware, rather than a bigger battery per se.

While wireless charging has been around, Apple is reportedly working fanatically to improve this technology for the iPhone 8 ahead of the release date. The alternative will be fast charging, which has been implemented in Android smartphones, such as the Moto G4.

Apple may move away from the aluminum body and revert back to glass due to sturdier technology. Mac Rumors reports the following.
"According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has shared several accurate rumors about Apple's design plans in the past, all three iPhones will feature the same glass-bodied design, with glass instead of aluminum used for the body of the device. Kuo also believes a stainless steel frame will be used in the higher-end iPhone, while less expensive models may get an aluminum frame, but he believes all three models will use glass."
iPhone 8 production may be ahead of schedule, according to BlueFin Research Partners. Therefore, we cannot write off the possibility that Apple will make a symbolic statement by introducing the iPhone 8 with a release date of June 29, 2007 – the same day the first generation was released. The iPhone is key to Apple's success. Whether they focus on implementing the best features from their competitors or add radical new technologies, it will likely be a success.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly improve it's water resistance technology and feature an IP68 water resistance rating.

There are rumors that President Trump will push Apple to build its iPhone in the United States. However, since Apple strongly oppose his immigration ban and other policies, it is unclear how much influence he has with tech CEOs.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]