‘Vikings’ Tonight: Ivar Wants Vengeance For Ragnar’s Death, But Will His Brothers Kill Lagertha?

Fans of the hit History Channel series Vikings are, no doubt, still reeling from the death of Ragnar Lothbrok (even though, historically speaking, it was bound to happen). And on Vikings tonight, fans are no doubt wondering what will happen, not only to the show, but to the rest of the cast. Who will be next to meet Odin in Valhalla?

According to Yibada English, on Vikings tonight, we are bound to see the fall-out from King Aelle’s murder of Ragnar. As we recall, Ivar the Boneless, his son, was in England with him and is no doubt aware of what has just happened to his beloved father. And while he may not, directly, be able to exact revenge on his father’s killer — what with him being unable to walk and all — but he can certainly enlist the aid of his brothers that are, in fact, capable of inflicting a lot of pain on Aelle.

There’s another problem, too: Lagertha has killed Ivar’s beloved mother, Aslaug, rendering him and his brothers as orphans. Will he want revenge on Lagertha, too?

According to Forbes, when fans watch Vikings tonight, they’ll be seeing what’s known as the “next generation” of Vikings raiders. For example, we’ll be seeing what happens when Bjorn the Ironside — the eldest of Ragnar’s sons — heads off to the Mediterranean. As history teaches us, Bjorn raided the Mediterranean very successfully, reaching all throughout Spain, France, Italy, and even parts of Africa before he ended his mission at Gibraltar. He subsequently returned to Scandinavia as a rich man, where he lived peacefully for the rest of his days.

For his part, too, Ivar the Boneless also goes down in Viking history, though for decidedly less peaceful reasons: he became known as a harsh conqueror, one who smote his enemies without mercy or prejudice, and one who — along with his brothers — eventually got revenge for his father’s death by giving King Aelle what’s known as the “blood eagle,” where the back was separated from the ribs, and the innards ripped out, causing the sufferer to die.

Fans of the show saw the blood eagle performed on Jarl Borg.

Finally, according to CBS Local, the new episode of Vikings tonight will open up with Ivar challenging his step-mother, Lagertha, to “single combat”…but will it really be to avenge Aslaug? Remember, show teasers have a habit of not being accurate in their portrayals of what’s to come.

We’ll recall that, in previous interviews, show creator Michael Hirst confirmed that, no matter what happens, he’ll not be killing off Lagertha anytime soon, if at all. He said that the fans were very in love with the character, and her story arc, and didn’t want anything to happen to her, regardless of what history may — or may not — say about her.

But that won’t stop Ivar from at least trying to kill Lagertha, if the promos are any indication.

“I’ve come here for justice. Everyone knows that you killed my mother for no reason except ambition, therefore I demand justice. I understand everything perfectly! You murdered my mother in cold blood. I want revenge. I challenge you to single combat!”

Vikings airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST. Check your local listings for the channel.

Will you be watching Vikings tonight?

[Featured Image by History Channel]