‘Bachelor’ 2017 Cast Shocker: Many Women ‘Walked Off’ The Set Over Nick Viall’s Bad Behavior [Report]

A Bachelor 2017 cast shocker has surfaced over Nick Viall’s allegedly bad behavior with the ladies. It got so unbearable for many of the contestants, that they “walked off” the set during filming, sources claim.

Nick is known for having quite the sexual appetite, but he may have gone too far in offending several women of The Bachelor 2017 cast with his “Trump”-like conduct. There was a crisis at one point during filming in which producers had to intervene and convince the women who “walked off” to stay, Life & Style reports.

According to the report, sources allege that Nick wasn’t exactly a gentleman and the ladies were fed up with him acting like a “pig.”

“The girls just didn’t like him,” says one source. “If it was just one or two leaving, it would have made for good TV. But it was a lot of them!”

The source reveals that the women stormed off set before a rose ceremony more than once. Panicking producers found themselves trying to curry favor with the troubled cast so they wouldn’t leave the show.

“Producers had to talk to the girls one-on-one,” the source claims. “They begged them not to walk away from a promising future. They even promised them slots on Bachelor in Paradise. They did anything they could to try to convince them to come back.”

So, what was Nick Viall doing to upset The Bachelor cast to the point of giving up? He was making inappropriate comments to the women and tried to get them in bed when they weren’t filming the show.

“Most of the women complained he was a complete pig,” the source continues. “He would say things like, ‘Wow, the things I could do to you,’ and ‘You have the nicest rack I’ve ever seen.’”

Insiders tell Life & Style that while Nick Viall is telling America he wants to find love, he ended up being the most hated Bachelor in history. A lot of the cast “thought it was torture to sit through the rose ceremonies when they weren’t interested in Nick anyway,” another source says. “Imagine standing there and wishing that your name doesn’t get called!”

If any of the claims are true that several members of The Bachelor 2017 cast bolted while filming over Nick’s behavior, that’s saying a lot.

Would Nick Viall’s alleged bad conduct have something to do with that slap viewers have witness in previews for the next Bachelor episode? In week 2 of The Bachelor, one of the cast members is seen slapping Nick across the face with an irksome expression in her eyes. What was that all about?

Nick spoke with E! News about the brief preview, which offers little context in the situation.

“You’ll have to watch next week actually,” Nick said. “It hurt. It was unexpected and painful…and you should watch next week to see why!”

According to Reality Steve, the slap was Nick in a drama scene with Bachelor contestant, Josephine. There’s a group date in which the ladies are asked to “act out” a “break up” with Nick.

“This was the date where you see Josephine in the previews slapping Nick across the face,” Steve blogged. “That wasn’t real or wasn’t because Josephine was angry with him.”

Men should know not to mess with this Bachelor cast member, or they’ll get smacked!

What else happened behind-the-scenes while The Bachelor was filming? Do you believe the women all stormed off the set because they were so repulsed by Nick’s lewd comments and offensive behavior?

There’s more drama to come on The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall and his cast! Tune into the show Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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