Sheree Whitfield Son Kairo: Did Cynthia Bailey Help Her Son Launch A Modeling Career?

Sheree Whitfield may not have been the best example for her children when it comes to money, marriage, and relationships, as she divorced Bob Whitfield a few years ago. In addition, she’s been a bit irresponsible with her money, as she decided to build a huge home in Atlanta without having the funds ready. The home has taken her over five years to complete and she admitted to running out of funding. But Whitfield also took care of her children during the time she was building her home. And on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Whitfield had to deal with her son Kairo after he was pulled over while under the influence of drugs.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that she wants to push her son into the modeling world with the goal of keeping him out of trouble. Whitfield was very disappointed when she learned that her son had been pulled over and jailed for being under the influence. At the time, Sheree wanted her son to know African Americans were being shot by police and that he had to be careful about doing stupid things. She had an emotional chat with him on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and decided to get him focused on modeling instead of partying.

Sheree Whitfield set up a meeting with Cynthia Bailey to get her advice on a possible modeling career for her son. While Cynthia gave her honest opinion about Kairo, including what kind of work he would get based on his height and physique, Sheree didn’t really want to hear it. She couldn’t handle the honest truth and decided to neglect everything Bailey was saying to her to help her son. Instead, she focused on doing whatever he wanted. But she remains a positive influence in his life, and Sheree Whitfield still thinks that her son can do whatever he puts his mind to.

“The photographs turned out AMAZING! I was so impressed at his composure and professionalism at the photo shoot. I think me and Tierra were more nervous than he was! I have posted a few of the shots on my Instagram,” Sheree Whitfield explained to Bravo about her son’s work in the modeling world.

And it sounds like Whitfield is happy to be involved in the process. Bob Whitfield was surprised to see his son during a modeling shoot, and he wanted him to get covered up. But Sheree loved being his manager, and it sounds like she wants her son to be a successful model.

“Being a ‘momager’ has been a lot of fun and rewarding. Kairo actually scored his first professional booking for a music video recently. He plays the love interest to American Idol and Grammy award winning artist Fantasia,” Sheree Whitfield explained to Bravo, revealing that she was thankful for Cynthia’s advice on how to approach the modeling world.

“Cynthia gave great advice. We appreciate her taking the time to share her expertise and experience. She has had a successful career in both modeling and in building a great brand on and off the runway,” Whitfield explained.

Since filming a few scenes for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree hasn’t said anything about her son possibly being signed to a modeling agency. And it sounds like Cynthia hasn’t helped Sheree make some connections in the modeling world, including helping him land a modeling contract with an agency. Maybe she will offer him some modeling classes at the Bailey Agency later this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s comments about her son? Do you think he will have a successful modeling career?

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