Caroline Stanbury Legal Problems: Did She Move To Dubai To Escape Financial Issues?

Caroline Stanbury announced that she’s leaving London and moving to Dubai on this season of Ladies of London. Caroline explained that her husband had gotten a job offer that made a lot of sense for the family. She revealed that they had accepted the offer and that they were looking for a home when she was filming this third season of Ladies of London.

Stanbury explained the situation early on, but she was quickly the subject of rumors in London, and these rumors are starting to surface a bit on the show. And apparently, some of the ladies believed that she was leaving London to avoid financial and legal issues due to her failed business.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is the subject of rumors that she’s leaving London for Dubai, because she’s facing complications due to the failure of the Gift Library last year. On the second season of Ladies of London, Stanbury had to close her business because she was running out of funding. And on last week’s episode, Caroline revealed that she was still dealing with the fallout of the business because of the investors involved.

On last night’s episode of Ladies of London, Juliet Angus pointed out that Marissa Hermer may be behind the rumors that Caroline Stanbury is leaving the country to escape some legal problems. These stories and rumors are only surfacing because the ladies have brought them up, and it sounds like Caroline’s makeup artist, Luke Henderson, may have been stirring the pot. Marissa Hermer admits that she had talked to Luke about Caroline Stanbury before the season began, but she merely asked him if she was alright. Apparently, Stanbury then believed that Marissa had been behind the rumors.

“I don’t care. It’s uninteresting to me,” Marissa Hermer has revealed to Bravo about the rumors before Tuesday’s episode of Ladies of London aired, adding, “Frankly, there are so many rumors about Caroline Stanbury in London that if I was going to spread one, her changing her zip code is pretty low on the list of salacious rumors about her.”

During Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury revealed to Luke that she was convinced Marissa was behind the rumors about her leaving the country due to her legal and financial issues. Does Caroline really have issues that she’s running from? It doesn’t seem like it. And if there are some issues, she’s hiding them quite well.

“I think she made up in her head that I started these rumors because she hadn’t heard from me in a while. Basically, I was on bed rest, and I wasn’t communicating with her as much. She decided or made up that I had started these rumors,” Hermer continued, adding, “She was so paranoid about why any of these rumors were there. Who knows? I don’t care.”

“What I did do — but shame on me for ever showing I care about her — I asked Luke, because I heard a lot of these rumors, and some of them are pretty serious. I said, ‘Luke, is Caroline OK?’” Hermer revealed to Bravo, adding, “I speak to Luke a lot, and I said, ‘By the way, is Caroline doing OK?’ And somehow, that maybe got translated to Marissa talking about why you’re moving. I’m never going to show concern again.”

With everything else going on in her life, it sounds like Marissa isn’t too concerned about what Caroline is saying regarding their friendship and the fact that she supposedly started the rumors.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s decision to move to Dubai? Do you think she could possibly be running away from some legal issues?

[Featured Image by Danny Martindale/Getty Images]