Jenny McCarthy Disses Mariah Carey For Lack Of Accountability For NYE Disaster, Calls It A ‘Train Wreck’

Jenny McCarthy is known for telling people exactly what she thinks and how she feels. This is one of the many things she is known for and also why she has her own SiriusXM radio show. Yesterday, McCarthy decided she was going to comment about the Mariah Carey performance from New Year’s Eve. It was less than supportive, and it may have just ignited another celebrity feud in Hollywood.

Mariah Carey was the biggest name set to perform on the show that Jenny McCarthy has co-hosted for seven consecutive years. This was a huge event, one that had been publicized for weeks leading up to the big party in Times Square. Unfortunately when it was time for Carey to go on, it was a mess. She was missing vocals, the music was not right, and she just started strutting around the stage. According to Us Weekly, Jenny McCarthy admitted to actually feeling sorry for the singer at first. She talked about it on her radio show, and up until Carey decided to accuse Dick Clark Productions of sabotage, McCarthy was in Carey’s corner.

TONS of performances. 5 different cities. 1 EPIC NIGHT! @officialnyre is TONIGHT at 8pm ET/PT on ABC. #RockinEve

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The New Year’s Eve show has been near and dear to Jenny McCarthy for several years now. She met her current husband, Donnie Wahlberg, while she was co-hosting and he was performing with his music group, New Kids on the Block. The two do everything together, including support one another on their views. McCarthy called Mariah Carey’s performance a “train wreck” on her radio show, and Wahlberg was there to echo those same sentiments. The two have come out swinging after Carey and her manager have blamed Dick Clark Productions and accused them of sabotaging her performance for higher ratings.

The kiss. ❤️#NYE

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There has been little public outcry about Mariah Carey’s performance, and Jenny McCarthy has been one of the few celebrities to slam it openly. Twitter and other social media platforms were going nuts after the performance flopped, chattering about it all through the night. Carey tweeted something about it but did not apologize for letting her fans down. McCarthy is disgusted that she has not taken responsibility for her part in the performance fail, much of which were things she could have checked beforehand, according to comments made by McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg.

This feud between Jenny McCarthy and Mariah Carey has the potential to get out of control. The two have not yet commented toward one another, but it is likely coming. McCarthy has been vocal about what the singer didn’t do prior to the show and that her lack of accountability is not okay. Blaming Dick Clark Productions is absurd, according to McCarthy, especially since she allegedly didn’t do her own sound check. If that is the case and the microphone and sound equipment were messed up, Carey would have to assume at least some responsibility. McCarthy is going to back the company that employs her until the end, and she apparently isn’t going to let Carey blame them for something she could have helped avoid.

It has been talked about over and over again, but Jenny McCarthy is one of the only people at the event where Mariah Carey was supposed to perform who has spoken out. She isn’t going to let someone tell a half-truth, and she is accusing Carey of being untruthful about the sabotaging of her performance. Rumors swirled about drugs or alcohol being involved but it was noted her kids were in town with her and at the event. McCarthy did agree that she felt bad for her in the moment, which is more than most have said about her since the event happened. In the seven years that Jenny McCarthy has been a part of the Times Square celebration, this is the most controversial event that has happened.

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