WWE News: Daniel Bryan Comments On Part-Time Wrestlers Taking Best ‘WrestleMania’ Spots

Talking Smack is the show everyone talks about. It provides the WWE Universe with an outlet to watch the wrestlers and talent be themselves on WWE programming. The show is hosted by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan. Each week, they bring on Smackdown Live superstars and discuss what took place on that night’s show. So far, memorable moments have already taken place, including the Miz’s resurgence into the main event picture in the WWE with a beautiful promo against Bryan, the general manager.

As the blue brand gains popularity, so does its talk show afterward. Monday Night Raw tried to replicate the hit program with its own, called Raw Talk, but it was an absolute failure, and now they only do it after pay-per-views. Talking Smack takes place every Tuesday night following 205 Live. That gives the wrestlers time to get changed, wind down, and get into character once again. Every week, there’s always one segment that gets enhanced on Talking Smack. Most of the time, it’s the Miz.

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Talking Smack wasn’t always the hit show it is now. The aforementioned shoot promo by the Miz opened the doors for WWE’s talk show, and it never stopped there. Carmella, Natalya, James Ellsworth, and many more took the opportunity to appear and ran with it. Baron Corbin, who is facing John Cena on SmackDown Live next week, opens up and shows his great microphone skills. He’s able to be himself, which more WWE stars do at 10:45 on Tuesday nights.

On January 3, the Miz appeared on the show another time, and it’s always a hit when he does. Unfortunately for WWE fans, it wasn’t what the Miz said that has everyone talking. Daniel Bryan commented on part-time wrestlers taking the best WrestleMania spots on last night’s edition of Talking Smack.

“I had this issue when I was a full-time wrestler, and I still kind of have this issue today. When you’re somebody, for example, like Dean Ambrose. So Dean Ambrose since the draft has been main eventing 99% of live events. But every year around WrestleMania time all of these people who are part-timers come in, and they take the best spots at WrestleMania.”

This is what makes Talking Smack must-see television on the WWE Network. There’s nothing that’s off-limits, and they’ve already proven that with the show being only a few months old. Daniel Bryan doesn’t hold back, and neither do the WWE stars. Talking Smack was where rumors began that started a Bryan return to the ring to face Miz for the Intercontinental title. Now that the Miz has lost it, that’s probably not going to happen.


That wasn’t the only thing Bryan said on Talking Smack last night. He also commented on John Cena and if he deserves the criticism for not participating in the WWE as much as he’s used to.

“With John Cena, I get it. He’s been in this game for a long time, and he’s worked harder than anybody else. But when you hear people have this anger against part-timers, that’s where it’s coming from. As a manager, I’m starting to look at it from a different view. We want these big events, and sometimes you need special attractions. But I also I mix that, and we need to put it on our full-time guys.”

In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Daniel Bryan discussed his role as SmackDown Live’s general manager. His main job is to manage the WWE superstars, report to Shane McMahon, and do what is best for business. SmackDown Live is the land for opportunity, and they already beat WWE Raw in the ratings. He’s doing a fine job right now, and Talking Smack is just the beginning for the blue brand. Will Bryan come back as a part-time wrestler?

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