Dorinda Medley Engagement: Why This ‘RHONY’ Star Isn’t Getting Married To John Mahdessian

Dorinda Medley has dated John Mahdessian since she joined The Real Housewives of New York, but she has been hesitant about taking the relationship to the next level. John has continuously talked about having a ring and has been eager to give it to her. But Dorinda hasn’t really liked the idea of getting engaged or even getting married again. Medley has put the emphasis and her attention on her daughter, Hannah, who has been living with her for a couple of years. But late last year, Medley’s daughter moved out, and Dorinda may be spending more time with her boyfriend.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now setting the record straight after rumors started surfacing about her relationship with John. Apparently, Medley made a comment about possibly being open to an engagement and marriage, and various websites quickly ran with the story. Within days, Dorinda Medley learned that many people thought she was already planning her wedding to Mahdessian. And many people assumed that she had been inspired by Luann de Lesseps’ wedding to Thomas D’Agostino this past weekend.

“No, it wasn’t true. No, I made some silly statement and Reality Tea ran with it and then Perez Hilton ran with it and then before you know it, it was just [something] then I was pregnant with twins,” Dorinda Medley explained to Bravo’s the Daily Dish about her relationship, revealing that she may have said something that was taken the wrong way. “I had said something; I actually think the statement I made was, ‘This year I will have been married to my husband as long as I’ve been dating John.’”

In other words, it sounds like Luann’s wedding was not the event that inspired her to get married. In fact, Dorinda Medley isn’t planning on getting married to John more than she was a year ago. But she does admit that they are still happy and that their relationship continues to work for them. A quickie wedding in Florida didn’t exactly have Dorinda picking out a wedding dress and planning a wedding, however.

“But I adore and love John and we’re in a very committed and monogamous relationship,” Medley explained to Bravo, sharing that they are still very happy in their relationship and it works for them.

On The Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley revealed that she loved her relationship with John because she could go to the Berkshires for a week without him and they would be just fine. She could continue to be independent and keep her relationship with her daughter separate from Mahdessian. It works perfectly for her because she can keep the peace, as Hannah isn’t a big fan of her mother’s boyfriend.

“You know what? I’ve got to get through now. I’ve got to get through Hannah transitioning out [into her own apartment] before I can think about [that]. I got to do me. Talk to me in a year or so!” Dorinda concluded in her interview with Bravo about her relationship.

It’s interesting that Medley’s comments about her relationship were twisted so much that it ended up with her engagement and wedding planning. It sounds like Dorinda doesn’t have a ring on her finger and isn’t planning on accepting a ring anytime soon. But as she points out, ask her in a year. Dorinda may be ready to get married then.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s decision to clarify her comments about her relationship with John? Do you think Medley is right when it comes to taking this slowly with John and doing what she feels right even though Luann rushed her wedding to Thomas D’Agostino?

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