Jamie Foxx Is Not Adopting Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes’ Daughter [Debunked]

Jamie Foxx is not planning on adopting Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, regardless of the rumor running around online.

The National Enquirer, not the most trustworthy source, claimed that Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were duking it out over paternal influence in Suri Cruise’s life.

According to Gossip Cop, a questionable source claimed “Despite his nonexistent relationship with Suri, Tom’s determined to get revenge on Jamie for moving in on Katie by preventing Jamie from adopting his daughter…. But Jamie is locked and loaded for a showdown. He wants to show Katie — and the world — just how serious he is about her and Suri.”

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise at a Vikings vs. Redskins Game

On the other hand, a representative for Jamie Foxx told Gossip Cop, “The reporting is completely false.”

Suri Cruise has been in the spotlight ever since she was a small child, after all, the daughter of a former Hollywood ultra-celebrity couple gets almost as much attention as the parents. Since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split back in 2012, rumors have swarmed over the Internet about the relationship between Jamie Foxx and Katie.

Foxx and Holmes have denied being in a relationship for years, and there is a good reason for that regardless of whether or not they are actually seeing each other.

Officially, Katie Holmes is not allowed to date until later this year due to some legal work in her divorce settlement from Cruise. Radar Online claims “She’s allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she’s not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri.” Were Jamie Foxx to attempt to adopt Suri, such a move could easily be blocked were Tom Cruise to take Holmes to court over violation of the supposed clause in the divorce documents.

It also is the reason that if Foxx and Holmes are dating, they would be forced to maintain a strict non-public interaction.

The two recently had to deal with a rumor that they were secretly married shortly before the New Year and were planning on starting a family. You can check out how the Inquisitr debunked these rumors over here.

Katie Holmes at IFP's 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

Likely, a part of the reason the rumor of Foxx adopting Suri sparked was due to Tom Cruise’s lack of interaction with Suri over the past few years, possibly because of his Scientology inclinations.

ET Online reported “‘My understanding is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t even speak to each other,’ Piers Morgan said. ‘And she, I believe, is very concerned about the effect of the Church of Scientology on Tom Cruise.’”

In fact, that issue was brought up during legal sessions from Cruise’s lawsuit against Bauer Media.

According to the New York Daily News, “‘And Ms. Holmes has never indicated in any way that was one of the reasons she left you?… To protect Suri from Scientology?’ the Bauer attorney asked.”

“Finally, Cruise admitted, ‘Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.’”

Later this year, when the divorce clause preventing Katie Holmes from dating anyone publicly ends, it will be interesting to see if Katie and Jamie Foxx come out into the open regarding their supposed relationship.

Additionally, it is not impossible that if they were to date and get married, then the next logical step would be for Foxx to legally adopt Suri Cruise and provide her with a father figure sorely lacking in Tom Cruise.

But all that is speculation. For now, Holmes and Foxx are not officially in a relationship, and Jamie is not intending to adopt Suri.

So what are your thoughts on the Holmes/Foxx relationship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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