Gillian Anderson’s Manifesto Slated For March Release

Gillian Anderson is penning a massive manifesto to help young women around the world, according to New York Magazine. The 48-year-old X-Files star is set to release We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere to address low self-esteem issues among young women.

Gillian Anderson is not writing the manifesto all by herself. Journalist Jennifer Nadel has helped the actress, who is best known for her iconic role of Agent Scully on The X-Files, to connect with teenagers and young adults and assist them in eliminating self-hate while boosting self-esteem.

Announcing their manifesto, Gillian Anderson and Nadel even went as far as saying that they’re witnessing an epidemic of low self-esteem among female teenagers and young adults. Addressing the crowd at a Cinema Society bash, Anderson said she was shocked to discover that suicide levels among teens are the highest they have ever been.

“There is so much low self-esteem in girls, and so much self-hate that I keep reading about. My first idea for a book was something that would help to lift girls out of that place of negativity.”

Gillian Anderson admits that she has never had many female mentors in her life who would guide her and show her the right path, which is why she’s collaborating with Nadel on the 300-plus page manifesto that has the mission to boost young women’s self-esteem.

The actress also admitted that she has struggled with self-esteem issues herself, which is why she believes sharing the secrets that helped her become confident and empowered can really make a huge difference for other young women out there.

Gillian Anderson also believes that the secrets and tools shared in the manifesto may even be useful for other people of all ages, not just young women and teenagers. Her upcoming manifesto will be divided into nine principles: kindness, honesty, trust, peace, acceptance, love, joy, and humility.

The X-Files actress says the manifesto teaches young women to act selflessly. But probably the best advertisement for her upcoming book are Gillian Anderson’s revelations that she’s writing this manifesto for her younger self.

The 48-year-old actress also revealed that one of the greatest things about the book is that while she and Nadel had found different tools to battle their low self-esteem issues, they had one thing in common. And that was the fact that Gillian Anderson and the journalist both handled emotional pain “incredibly badly.”

However, in no way does Gillian Anderson claim that she has found some magic tool. In fact, the actress says that she and Nadel are very honest to their readers about their past trials and errors.

Anderson also says that her upcoming book isn’t about depicting herself to the readers as some kind of a guru who knows everything. The fundamental principle of why this manifesto would help young women boost their low self-esteem is that there is nothing wrong with admitting one’s vulnerabilities and talking honestly about one’s trials and errors.

Elle Magazine reports that Gillian Anderson’s manifesto is slated for release in March.

While Gillian Anderson is working on a promising manifesto, her hit BBC TV series The Fall has disappointed viewers with its Season 3 finale, according to Indie Wire. The finale episode, which was Jamie Dornan’s last, has failed to answer a number of questions.

When The Fall starring Gillian Anderson and Dornan was first announced, no one really expected the show with such a title to have a happy ending. But what they also didn’t expect is that the show would have such a disappointing finale.

In fact, by the end of the episode, many viewers expressed that they felt they had just wasted six hours watching Season 3, as the previous two seasons made more sense and answered more questions.

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