General Hospital Spoilers: Tom The Rapist Murdered, Can Franco Be Trusted?

General Hospital spoilers broke the news that Tom the rapist was murdered by someone in Port Charles. Most fingers are pointing to the crazy artist Franco (originally played by James Franco.) This plot point now begs the question of whether or not Franco can be trusted after Tom turned up dead?

No one’s questioning whether or not Tom deserved the gruesome death, because of all the horrible things he’s done throughout his time in Port Charles. That said, it doesn’t look like Franco (Roger Howarth) can be trusted based on his behavior. As we know, before Tom’s death, Franco captured Tom, put him in a dog cage for days and tortured him with a shock collar. His actions were somewhat justified since he was trying to seek revenge since Tom tortured his love interest Elizabeth. However, because of this, it puts Franco right at the center of the murder.

General Hospital's Franco

The latest batch of General Hospital spoilers questions if Liz can trust Franco or not. Right now he swears up and down that he didn’t kill Tom, but as stated, evidence points to the contrary. The latest report via Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Liz has a lot at stake. If she’s wrong about Franco and trusts him around her three boys, then she risks the ultimate betrayal if something goes wrong.

Since Tom’s death, Elizabeth has been at a crossroads, wondering if she should keep Franco or throw him to the curb. Some fans think he deserves a chance while others don’t like the pairing and can’t wait to see Liz get rid of Franco.

Liz on General Hospital

According to General Hospital spoilers, Liz might turn to Griffin during her time of need, and since Griffin was a priest, he shows that he’s interested in lending an ear to her current problems. This might be the kind of attention that she seeks at the moment, and having Griffin as a shoulder might spark something between the two. Of course, this is all speculation, but anything could happen.

That said, Liz might have it all wrong when it comes to Franco. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, upon further inspection, Franco might be innocent when it comes to Tom’s death. Although he did torture Tom, when you look deeper into the other characters that surround Franco and Tom it becomes pretty obvious who might have killed Tom.

General Hospital spoilers had named Franco’s mother, Heather as the real killer. If that’s shocking, this twist gets even better as it looks like Heather might have set up Franco to get revenge on him. As viewers know, Franco recorded Heather’s confession of attacking Bobbie and Lucas. This confession put her in prison, and it seems like she’s still harboring that grudge against her son.

What’s even more intriguing about this particular storyline is that she knows that Franco couldn’t stand Tom. Franco told his mother that he couldn’t wait to make his bloody corpse a part of his latest art project, so Heather knew that she could pin the death on Franco because he had some serious motives, even if he didn’t go through with it in the end.

Another suspect in Tom Baker’s death is his own brother Seth. It might be a stretch, but then again, perhaps Seth was tired of dealing with the bad name that Tom was causing the family. He probably wasn’t proud of his brother’s behavior, so getting rid of him might have been his only alternative.

What do you think of the latest General Hospital spoilers? Can Franco be trusted? Will Liz put all of her trust into Griffin instead?

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