‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Return Date, Update: Five New Episodes Leaked Online By Cartoon Network [Spoilers]

Steven Universe fans were in for an unexpected, big New Year surprise on Monday. Cartoon Network uploaded on its site five new episodes of Season 4, which according to co-writer Matt Burnett were “mistakenly” posted online. Steven Universe Season 4 is currently on a two-month hiatus, and it is scheduled to return on January 30 with five episodes.

On January 2, all the episodes were reportedly available to stream if a viewer logged in via his cable provider. They have since been removed. Soon after the leak, there was much discussion on Reddit and other social media platforms about whether Cartoon Network intentionally posted full footage of the upcoming episodes or someone messed up at their end. On Tuesday, Burnett came back from his self-imposed exile to confirm on Twitter that it was a mistake. His Twitter feed had been quiet since November 8.

Steven Universe fans, however, were not in a mood to lap up the leaked Season 4 episodes, fearing that the availability of the episodes online before their scheduled release dates may hit the series television ratings. And the fans who watched the leaked episodes online said that they would see the episodes again when they air on television. Moreover, they were unanimous in their praise for the upcoming five episodes, saying that they were great, amazing and very well written.

The upcoming StevenBomb 5 episodes are titled “Steven Dreams,” “Adventures in Light Distortion,” both these episodes air on January 30, “Gem Heist” (January 31), “The Zoo” (February 1) and “That Will be All” (February 2), according to The Geekiary.

Here are the synopses of the new Steven Universe Season 4 episodes.

Episode 12- ‘Steven’s Dream’: A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

Episode 13- ‘Adventures in Light Distortion’: Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

Episode 14- ‘Gem Heist’: The Gems try to pull off a heist.

Episode 15- ‘The Zoo’ – Steven visits a special zoo.

Episode 16- ‘That Will Be All’ – Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

The series, which is a coming-of-age animation series, follows a boy called Steven Universe, who is a half human, half alien, and a group of superhero gem women who are like his surrogate parents. The series dropped its pilot episode on July 27, 2013, and till now, 113 episodes have aired. Cartoon Network has already renewed Steven Universe for Season 5.

Season 4 winter finale, “Three Gems and a Baby,” which aired on December 1, featured a flashback to the winter when Steven’s gem glowed for the first time. At the time, he was just a few months old.

The Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, were still finding it difficult to come to terms with Steven’s existence, and that his mother Rose Quart was not coming back. The episode concluded with the three Gems realizing that it was no longer about Rose, and she was not trapped inside Steven.

“This isn’t about Rose. From now on, everything has to be about Steven.”

In “Steven’s Dream,” Steven will be shown having a strange dream that is related to Pink Diamond. Crystal Gems refuse to tell him about Pink Diamond, which makes Steven and his father, Greg, take off to South Korea to find answers, according to the detailed synopsis.

Pink Diamond, who has yet to make an appearance, was first mentioned by Jasper in Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 23, “Earthlings.”

“… Because of what you did to my colony, because of what you did to my planet, because of what you did to my Diamond. My Diamond, your Diamond, Pink Diamond.”

She made an appearance in the mural form in “Back to the Moon,” which is Episode 24 of Season 3. Eyeball said that what happened to her was a tragedy, revealing that the Earth was once Pink Diamond’s colony. She added that she saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond. The upcoming episode is likely to shed more light on her.

Steven Universe Season 4 returns to Cartoon Network on January 30.

[Featured Image by Steven Universe/Cartoon Network]