Meghan Markle Isn’t Royal Material? Insiders Reportedly Claim She Has Too Much Baggage To Marry Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s romance with Meghan Markle might be in jeopardy. Despite having Prince William’s support, some members of the royal family don’t approve of the relationship. Is Markle’s past coming back to haunt her?

OK Magazine reports that the royal family is worried that Markle’s Hollywood ties make her unsuitable for Harry. The family is particularly worried that Markle’s need for fame is driving her romance with Harry, not to mention her previous relationships.

Markle was married to Trevor Engelson, an agent and producer in Los Angeles. With a divorce in her past, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, likes the idea of his son’s wife having little to no baggage.

As fans may recall, Charles made headlines after his split with Princess Diana. His brother, Prince Andrew, also experienced a failed marriage with Sarah Ferguson. Given the family’s rough marital past, Charles doesn’t want Harry making the same mistakes.

“He doesn’t want another messy royal split,” a source revealed.

The drama doesn’t stop there. The royal family is also put off by Markle’s steamy work in Hollywood. The actress has worked on a number of revealing photo shoots and has acted in numerous sex scenes on the show, Suits.

Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams on 'Suits.' [Image by USA]

In fact, Daily Mail released a slew of Markle’s more seductive photos, including several shots early in her career. The photos show Markle in several seductive poses while wearing a revealing white t-shirt.

“Meghan Markle came to the photographer as a referral from her management group. They had just signed her so she needed a set of fresh photos,” an insider shared. “She was very professional and knew exactly how to pose for the camera – despite being new to Hollywood.”

Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles. She started seeing Prince Harry this past summer, though the couple didn’t confirm their romance until November. Since going public with the relationship, Harry and Markle have been plagued with rumors. Most notably, Gossip Cop reports that sources claim Harry isn’t a fan of Markle’s work on Suits, especially her more intimate scenes.

“Harry hates that Meghan has sex scenes, and he refuses to watch them,” an insider explained. “He actually covers his eyes and cringes whenever she kisses a cast member or strips down.”

Despite his opinion, Markle “promised him that he has nothing to worry about and that it’s all part of the job.” Even still, Harry “isn’t OK with it.”

These rumors have not been confirmed. Instead, an insider revealed that Harry has no problem at all with Markle’s work in Hollywood. Not only does he watch the show without covering his eyes, but Harry understands that it’s all a part of her job.

Prince Harry was sad after saying goodbye to Meghan Markle

Indeed, Harry’s romance with Markle appears better than ever. In fact, celebrity astrologer Mystic Meg told The Sun that Harry should pop the big question this September for the best shot at a lasting marriage. Will Harry see past Markle’s past and ask her to marry him in 2017?

“For Prince Harry, an engagement is in the stars this year. Their charts indicate they are about to take the next step in their relationship,” Meg shared. “Venus in her sign is in Virgo — a perfect match for his Virgo zodiac sign. This suggests a beautifully passionate and romantic relationship.”

Meg continued: “With so much going in their favor, astrologically, I believe they will get engaged this year and that theirs is destined to be a long and happy marriage. To make sure, Harry should pop the question in the first two weeks in September, when love planet Venus is back in the position it was when Meghan was born.”

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