Richard Mourdock Sinks In Polls After Comments That ‘God Intended’ Rape Pregnancies

Richard Mourdock has fallen behind Democrat Joe Donnelly in the race to replace Sen. Richard Lugar in Indiana, sinking in polls after comments that God intended victims of rape to become pregnant.

In a Howey/DePauw University Battleground Poll released Frida, Donnelly was shown leading Richard Mourdock 47 percent to 36 percent. A Past Howey/DePauw poll had shown Donnelly clinging to a 2-point lead in September before Mourdock said at a debate that he opposed abortion in the case of rape because “God intended” the woman to become pregnant.

Mourdock released a statement saying his words were taken out of context, but the damage has been done. Though he has received some support, many more have criticized him for the remarks, even within the GOP.

Speaking on Meet the Press, former CEO of Hewlett Packard and vice chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Carly Fiorina appeared to abandon her candidate in defending Mitt Romney instead.

Fiorina said:


“Richard Mourdock said a really stupid thing and he apologized and Governor Romney’s position on life is identical to Richard Mourdock’s Democratic opponent. In other words, in that state, there are two pro-life candidates running, Richard Mourdock is clearly more extreme and I agree, I think, most people disagree with him.”

Many pundits are ready to abandon hope for Richard Mourdock.

“It’s all over but the crying,” Republican pollster Christine Matthews wrote of the race. Matthews conducted the survey along with Democratic pollster Fred Yang.

Democrats are also keeping Richard Mourdock’s comments in the minds of voters. The Democratic group American Bridge 21st Century is mailing audio brochures that replay the comment to voters, The Huffington Post noted. It appears to be working — a Huffington Post average of polls shows Donnelly leading Mourdock by 4 percentage points.