Jessa Duggar’s Baby Due In Few Weeks, Pregnant ‘Counting On’ Star Limits Instagram As Jill, Jinger And Ben Seewald Await For Delivery News

Jessa Duggar’s due date is quickly approaching. That is probably why the Counting On star is choosing to not engage with Instagram as much. About a week ago, she posted an updated selfie of her pregnant self at 35 weeks – that means that she will go into labor any day now!

With the 24-year-old Duggar about to pop, Jill, Jinger, and, of course, her husband Ben Seewald are excitedly awaiting for delivery news.

When she was first pregnant with baby Spurgeon, just a few months after she got married to Ben Seewald, Jessa was all about posting baby bump pictures on Instagram. However, she has not been so eager to put herself out there during her second pregnancy, uploading a total of two pictures of her with swelling belly.

Check out Jessa Duggar at 35 weeks pregnant!

????????first - second ???????? #34weeks

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The norm for pregnancy is that the mother goes into labor anywhere between 35 and 40 weeks of gestation, which means that at this very moment, Jessa could be getting ready for baby delivery!

She has been nesting with her husband Ben Seewald all throughout the holiday season. To make sure that her second baby feels right at home, she hung up a fourth stocking by the fireplace.

She also has been receiving plenty of love and care from her husband Ben Seewald and her older sister Jill Duggar, who is a midwife. On her birthday, Ben wrote the sweetest message for his wife, counting on all the virtues that make her stand out.

“Jessa Blessa, you are a blessing to us,” he wrote on Instagram. “Happy Birthday! You went from being a high energy fun loving child, to a fun loving, responsible, mature, visionary, virtuous wife and mother. You have inspired thousands of young ladies to seek God, to wait for the one God has for them, and set an example how to dress modern, but modest.”

Her older sister Jill also has been there for her as she went through her second pregnancy. Using her midwifery training, they got a chance to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. While listening closely, they came to a conclusion that there was a real possibility that Jessa could be having twins!

“We don’t know if it’s twins or just one,” Jessa said in the video.

“It could be just one baby with good variability in the heart beat or it could be two different babies,” Jill added.

If this were true, Jessa would have followed in her mother Michelle’s footsteps. Her second pregnancy resulted in twins, Jana and John, who are now 26-years-old.

But soon after that, the 24-year-old mother released an ultrasound, which showed that there is just one lodged in her bump.

As Jessa is beginning to approach the end of her second, Jill came out with a good news – that she is also pregnant with her second child!

“Words can not describe how excited we all are that God has blessed us with another precious gift,” Jill and Derick wrote on their family blog. “We are eager for another sweet Dillard baby to join our lives come July, and we know Israel will be a great big brother. Don’t forget to check back here often for updates on our family and our ministry and remember to tune in Counting On on TLC as this pregnancy unfolds! We are so excited!!!”

It will only be a matter of time till Jinger, who recently got married to Jeremy Vuolo, also gets receives good baby news!

When do you think Jessa will go into labor for her second baby? What do you think she and Ben will name it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]