Things You Will Love About The Bachelor Fantasy League

The Bachelor fantasy league set off on Monday evening, marking the start of yet another season of The Bachelor.

The unique nature of The Bachelor makes it appealing to viewers for various reasons, mostly because people are curious to see which lady will emerge victorious. Of course, most people are also in it for the drama and the scandals. ABC studios which make the show announced that there will be an official fantasy league for The Bachelor as part of collaboration with ESPN.

The Bachelor fantasy league will be like any other fantasy league

Most fantasy leagues are usually associated with sporting events and ABC decided to do the same with the show. This means that The Bachelor will be treated as a sport where fans will compete for points and they will also get to compete with their friends and families. The Bachelor fantasy league will also give players a chance to earn a trip to the special show's post-finale viewing after the final rose.

The Bachelor fantasy league will be structured like any other fantasy league, making it easy and appealing to fantasy league fans. Nick Viall is the bachelor for the current season of the show and Viewers will get to place bets on who will make it to the final four final contestants looking to win his heart. They will also get to bet on who they think will be the bride. Viall was super excited about the show in the first episode.

The Bachelor Fantasy League
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"Everything has led to this moment, so that I can prove to America that if you don't give up on love, eventually you'll find it," stated Viall.

The Verge has also introduced its own fantasy league for The Bachelor and it involves more complicated rules. They dictate that each team has to select three contestants and the teams are not allowed to select the same contestants at any given time. If a team loses a contestant, they will be allowed to select a replacement from the non-selected contestants. The teams have to drop their contestant count to two after the fourth week. They, however, have to share contestants from the fourth week onward.

Speaking of points, they will be awarded based on actions, for example, five points will be earned for every kiss and an extra two points on the kissing points when the bachelor makes out with a contestant. They will also earn 10 points when their contestant gets a rose at the Rose ceremony and 15 points when a contestant gets a rose at the Rose pre-ceremony. Seven points will be earned when a contestant gives the bachelor a gift and seven more when they go on a helicopter ride.

The points will also be awarded for other things including bad behavior and conversations. Teams can also lose points for example when a contestant gets sent home or when someone leaves the show voluntarily. The points awarding system will surely make it more exciting for players while also making the game more engaging. The studio will also benefit because viewers will be actively engaged in the show.

The Bachelor Star
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The new season of The Bachelor is expected to be quite tantalizing and it is already off to a great start. As for the bachelor himself, he has a lot of work cut out for him because he has to break the hearts of 21 beautiful women. The first episode started out with 30 contestants but the number was trimmed down to 22. It will not be easy but it will most likely be a fun and romanced season of The Bachelor and the fantasy league will make it even more exciting.

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